Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mary Bradford... one month, 5 weeks...

This is Mary Bradford at exactly ONE month (April 21)...she literally slept the entire day.  I got a few pictures of her crying b/c I was forcing her to stay I think I'll be using one of her sleeping for her baby book (for her one month picture!;).

I'm beginning to feel a little guilty... I haven't been taking a ton of pictures like I did with Hudson.  It means nothing about the crazy amount of love I have for this baby girl... it just means I'd really like a new camera!!! :)

Just a few pictures of Mary Bradford at 5 weeks...
at her one month check-up she weighed 10lbs (75%) and measured at 22inches (90%).  It's just nice and reassuring to know your baby is growing "appropriately"! ;)

We've taken alot on Brad's iphone... and I'll be sure and post a picture of Mary Bradford's birth announcement ASAP!!
I could go on and on about all that this little sweet pea is doing...she's enjoying her playmat, smiling more and more (so fun to get a smile out of her;), loves watching her big brother (not nearly as much as he enjoys lovin on her!?), cooing (I will always love baby "coo's";), etc..
Alright..well I love talkin about this sweet baby and her adorable and crazy big brother, too but I'm off to bed! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bee turns the "big" 6-0!!!! :)

That's amazing and extraordinary momma turned 60 this past Sunday (April 22)!!!  Isn't she young and beautiful?! :) I pray it's in the genes! ;)

**I love you, Momma and I truly praise the LORD he made you to be the woman lucky enough to have ME as your daughter {ha,ha!!! ;)}.  You are beautiful inside and out, you've been an incredible example as a mother...I hope my children feel as blessed as John and I do about YOU!!! I'm lookin at the moon! ;) I love you OH SO MUCH! xoxoxo 
Her children rise up; and bless her, and her husband also, praises her... Proverbs 31:28

My mom and dad stopped by on their way to St. Michael's, Maryland last week around mine and my dad's birthday...we had a great (but way too fast) visit!

Here we all are celebrating...Happy Birthday Bee and Dee!! ;) {We had just gotten back from taking my mom and dad out for a nice dinner at "The Local";)}

My dad got some great pictures of the "plasma car gang"...they're an adorable "trio" of fast ridin' little fellas! ;)

Jebby, Will and Hudson...we're so thankful for our good buddies that we have as neighbors!! ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Last year in my twenties...

That's right... I turned the "big" twenty-nine (yesterday, April 19th;)... the last year in my twenties!  I don't think it'll really set in until this time next year...but all I know is my twenties have been super good to me and I have high expectations for this year of twenty-nine! ;) Lots of fun to look forward to I'm sure! ;)
It was a great day... my parents were passing through on a trip so we were able to celebrate my dad's birthday (April 17th) and my mom's birthday (the big 6-0!!;) which will be April 22nd and MY birthday...April 19th (yes, April was always a crazy month...not to mention my parent's anniversary!;).
Anyhow, we took mom/dad out to "The Local" (one of our favorites in C'ville!;), we had brunch on my b-day at one of my favorites, mom and I got pedicures, did a little shopping and had a delicious dinner that one of my dearest friends made for my b-day (and also to help during this time of transition with Mary Bradford;)... everything was so nice and it was extra special having my parents here!! ;)
OH YEAH.. look what my mom and dad gave me... these adorable Tory Burch earrings!!!! LOVE them!!! :)
And of course, Brad always makes my birthday special... Hudson (aka, Brad;) gave me a new make-up bag {Hudson would seriously play with my make-up everyday if I let him}...Brad said he thought I needed one because he's always watching me dig around for tweezers, brushes, etc... (super awesome b/c I really wanted a new one and never said a thing about it... I gotta good man!;) and Brad gave me a new Vera Bradley toiletry bag (for travel).  It was a great day with nice surprises! :)
My dad took all the birthday celebration pictures...I'll hopefully post some pics soon! ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kings Family Vineyard

We had a great time at Kings Family Vineyard in Crozet, VA this past Saturday...such gorgeous land/space for the kids to run and play and delicious wine and food for the adults to enjoy... SO FUN!!! :)  Love these boys...

Here is little Miss Gianna... she has such a fun little personality but definitely wants to be "one of the boys"... I love that she can be girly and wrestle with the boys, cute!! ;)

Boys being boys... we don't let them get too out of hand.. I promise!!! :)
Here is a picture of the Kings Family {vineyard} I found online...such a gorgeous view!  We loved our time...the kids had a blast, the company (our friends) were most enjoyable, the wine was outstanding...which made for a perfect Saturday! ;) Sorry, I don't have a picture of Mary Bradford.. Brad took these w/ his iphone.  I was with the momma's and had Mary Bradford in the "Baby Bjorn" the whole time... more pictures to come! ;)
This was part of my birthday request to Brad... I wanted to go and the let the kids play at one of our {many} local vineyards while we enjoyed the W-I-N-E... I can't believe my birthday is this Thursday {April 19}...these things really sneak up on you when your a momma! ;)
Well, I better try and catch a couple minutes of naptime {while both kids nap}...I'll probably regret choosing this time to BLOG but just wanted to share what fun we had this weekend!! ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Hudson... and a little bit of Mary Bradford

I know this adorable kid is mine {I mean ours} ;) but he is seriously... Love him!! :)

And... I just have to say how excited I am that my hair is finally long enough for a high bun... Jessamie, what do you think??  I'm sure the trend has come and gone but don't you worry... I'll be "rockin" this Kourtney Kardashian look as long as I keep my hair long {trend or not!}. ;)

Just me and Mary Bradford enjoying nap time... I L-O-V-E that my almost three-year-old is STILL napping...a sweet little praise to the LORD!!! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Yesterday (Saturday) we had some of our dearest friends and their kids come over to the soccer field/park by our house for a little Easter Egg Hunt... I know I posted 3 of the same picture but we just couldn't believe how well all the kids stayed in the same spot and actually cooperated for some pictures...

Too cute... thanks kiddos for making all your mom's and dad's so proud! ;)

I want y'all to know... I don't like that Easter is such a "commercialized" holiday... it's THE most important day of the Christian FAITH... it's what Christ did to guarantee ETERNAL LIFE...and forgiveness of sin!!!!

We do however let our children enjoy their Easter baskets... but I can assure you Hudson will tell you exactly why we celebrate Easter... ;) Not the bunny...
{here Hudson is showing his new character underwear...he was thrilled to see "the Incredible's"!}

Thanks Nana for sending Hudson and Mary Bradford their Easter package... too sweet!! ;)

Hudson and Mary Bradford... I promise Hudson really does adore his sister...not sure what's up with his face! ha! ;)

Hudson got a new Toddler B-I-B-L-E for Easter...we loved reading all about the resurrection this morning! ;)
More pictures to come...
He HAS Risen!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still here...

I normally don't like to post without pictures but just for my #1 blog fans we are doing well and still here!!  We had a super-fun Easter Egg hunt with some of our best friends today... Hudson loved it and got plenty of yummy treats! ;)  Pictures will be coming SOON!!
 Mary Bradford is doing well and doin' her "thing"... she is doing well at night waking about 2 times... normally around the 1am hour and 5am hour... nursing/eating and typically goes right back down until 7:30"ish"... unless she gets a bad dose of those hiccups or gas she remains pleasantly content! ;)  More to come from the Brown Bunch but just thought I'd give y'all a brief update!!
Have a very HAPPY and blessed EASTER!!! :)