Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Told ya! ;)

I know I've told ya'll in several posts how much Hudson loves helping w/ laundry.  Brad just showed me this video he recorded while I was on my girl's trip in SSI (about 2 weeks ago)... I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too! ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank you!

 Dear Bee and Dee-

 Thank you for your time, patience, love and affection!  I love you and wish I could live closer to my grandparents... I hear mom and dad talking about it often but I have to learn to be content (mom uses that word often! ;).

Thank you for giving my mom and dad time to themselves... I know they are so appreciative and thankful for FREE babysitting (I can be a "handful" sometimes! ;).  I can tell how important it is for my mom and dad to have date-nights and they're so thankful for your encouragement and support to have quality time makes them better parents! ;)

I am anxiously awaiting our next visit/adventure together!  Oh yeah, and my mom wants me to say THANKS a million for all you (Bee)do to help her keep our house clean... and Dee-- thanks for always growling with me! ;)
Love you to the moon and back! ~ Hudson

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somethin' Special! ;)

This past weekend I flew to Atlanta, hitched a ride w/ my dearest friend (Katie), drove 6 hours (due to terrible ATL traffic) and finally arrived in ST SIMONS (GA)!!  I LOVE St. Simons... some of my favorite and fondest childhood memories come from SSI! :) 

Along with SSI being "something special" are my friendships with these amazing girls... I LOVE everyone of them!  Katie, Jessamie and I met the first day of our freshman year of college...we've pretty much been BFF's EVER since! ;) It's amazing to see the transformation we've all gone through since we were 18 years old... I love the impact we've had on each other's lives!  Praise the LORD for these amazing girls!! ;) ;) I love ya'll!! xoxo

And... here we are at my other bff's (Laura Lee--the one front and center in the white dress ;) bridesmaid luncheon (in SSI) was lovely!  Delicious food, perfect weather, great friends, fun laughs and a couple of tears...everything that makes a bridesmaid luncheon PERFECT!! ;) 

Of wouldn't be a batchlorette weekend without dancing the night away...right?! ;)  Such a fantastically FUN, memorable, laugh your heart out kinda weekend (very needed!)...the friendship I have with these girls truly is "something special"!  I am so blessed to call you friend! ;) (Proverbs 18:24) 
But I must say...after such a great weekend with the girls I sure was happy and thankful to get home to the amazing and adorable men in my life!  :) :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Short Pump!

This past Saturday we decided to take a family "day trip" to Short Pump, VA (about an hour southeast/near Richmond).  Short Pump has fantastic shopping (Nordstrom, Macy's, Pottery Barn, TJ Maxx Homegoods, etc..), so we started our day at the outdoor mall, attempted to eat at the Cheesecake factory (2 hour+ wait...ummm no thank you!), visited the "mother-ship" of all WHOLE FOODS ( was AMAZING!! ;) and ended our day at the incredibly-fun Children's museum! :) 

Hudson loved everything about the museum...

Riding the train through the "safari" :)

Hudson especially loved the Pirate ship... but I'll give you one guess on his favorite exhibit...

You guessed it... the WATER station/exhibit!! :) It took a little tantrum but we made sure he wore that apron (he's been pulling off bibs since he was 9 months must be things around his neck?! ;)

We had a fantastic Saturday (and weekend!)... this Friday I'll be taking a plane to visit some of my favorite girls on the PLANET on St. Simons Island!  More to come on that later... Happy Wednesday Ya'll!!! ;) 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


  Here Hudson is on Saturday morning admiring the little squirrel eating all the bird feed and deer "food"... he was very entertained by this little animal! It was funny to watch! ;) 
Brad and I have just realized we have gone on a DATE 3 weekends in a ROW!!  The first was while Brad's dad was visiting... we went out for coffee and dessert after Hudson went to bed.  Super thankful to have a date together and enjoy coffee/wine and tiramisu! ;) Last weekend I asked our 12 year old neighbor AND her mom to babysit while we went to a 5pm matinee movie... "Hall Pass"...ya'll know I gotta support my Office peeps (Jenna Fischer)! ;) And this weekend we were very "spontaneous" and called one of our babysitters about an hour before the matinee movie showing...thankfully she was willing and waiting!  We went to see "The Adjustment Bureau"...great movie (romantic thriller)!  Brad and I LOVE the movies and not just renting... we much prefer the whole "movie experience".. popcorn/coke (diet for me, sprite for Brad), the excitement of the previews (if I miss the previews I might as well NOT show up!:), the big-screen, others reactions to the movie (laughter, etc..), even the smell of the butter-y popcorn... we LOVE going to the movies!! ;) Extremely thankful for the fun DATES! :)

Here Hudson is on Saturday morning feeding the "bang"...(aka-DEER). :) Typically the deer come early in the mornings or late in the evenings but Hudson likes feeding them ALL day! ;)

Focused on the trampoline!  I hope ya'll are having a nice weekend as well!! :)