Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extra, Extra.. READ all about it!!!! :)

FALL in to GREAT skin!!!!
As I mentioned about a month ago.. I want to offer a special for any and all interested in the Rodan andFields (Doctors that created Proactiv) products!  All my "PC's" (preferred customers) can tell you these products really WORK!
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Now, to the fun stuff... if you become a PC between now (Tuesday, September 25th) and October 31st I will pay back your $19.95 one-time enrollment fee (I'll mail you a check) and include either a micro-dermabrasion paste OR lip plumper/enhancement...which ever you prefer! 

The choice is yours! This applies to everyone... please feel free to share this information/special with anyone!  Check out my website.. www.afbrown.myrandf.com  look at the products or possibly the "solution tool" where the doctors help you decide what regimen would be best for your skin!  You can see the "PC perks" when looking at the products.  Also, if you'd rather not waste your time filling in your information.. I'd be happy to do it for you (I've done this for some other PC's;).
I hope you'll make the choice SOON to "Fall in to GREAT skin"!! ;) ;)
Email me if you have any questions: afbrown0419@yahoo.com
And remember.. this special goes through October 31st! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

a little bit of a re-cap...

I'll start with our Lion.. Hudson is going through a phase of "pretending".. role playing as animals, telling us what he is, where he (the animal) lives, what he (the animal) likes to eat, etc.. it's quite entertaining and we enjoy playing along. ;) Here he is a Lion (obviously) enjoying some carrots...this particular Lion enjoys vegetables (like the lion cub on Lion King!;)

Such a proud moment.. I realize this is a terrible picture (Hudson is not always willing to take pictures!;) but Hudson earned his vest at AWANA tonight by resighting the verse 1 John 4:10...
God loved us and sent His Son
We were parent helpers (it rotates each week to help the AWANA workers/volunteers) on Wednesday night...Brad (I didn't go this week since Brad was able to be there) said he almost cried watching Hudson proudly resight his memory verse.  Such a precious and proud moment.. Hudson was thrilled to tell me all about earning his vest and Cubbies booklet when he got home! :)
We are really loving AWANA.. it's such a parent-involved thing..weekly memory verses, bible stories, etc.. to read with your child.  It's great accountability! :)
**For any C'ville friends interested in AWANA.. I know First Baptist church (on Park Street) has a fantastic AWANA!!** ;)

Look who turned 6 MONTHS!!!!

Can you believe it??

Mary Bradford is half way to her 1st birthday...WOW!?!?

She's sitting up so well... she absolutely adores watching every move her brother makes (I've got to post some videos of her laughing at Hudson..they're on Brad's iphone!;).

Such a precious age... lots of personality coming out of this adorable baby girl! ;)

On Saturday we attended the annual Boat Race festival in Peachtree City.. notice all the golf carts!

I adore Hudson's new "real-deal" cowboy boots! Nana (Brad's mom) bought them for him on her girl's trip to Nashville, TN.  We love them every bit as much as Hudson does! ;)

I definitely had a week of missing all my amazing friends in Charlottesville, VA!! I've been missing you since we left but for some reason this past week was especially hard!  Love you ALL and think about you often!!
xoxoxoxo ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girl's Weekend!!

I'm sure if you've seen my facebook.. you're probably tired of these pictures.  Sorry.
Anyhow, we had the BEST time! Absolutely adore these girls.. we all met in college and have been the best of friends ever since! ;)
I arrived fashionably late.. it gave for a big surprise and lots of laughs! ;)
Stayed up way passed my bedtime. ;)
Started our Saturday with a glorious walk (the weather was amazing!) and homemade buttermilk pancakes.. as in, my friend Katie (who always hosts us at her house in Atlanta) made homemade buttermilk to add to her homemade pancakes.  Are you catching on?  She really is amazing like that.. she even made our bacon to order.. crispy, soft, etc.. THANKS Katie, you truly are the world's greatest hostESS!! ;)
Then, with our stomachs full we hit the town.. thrift stores, antique shops and the annual Street Festival in downtown Marietta.

A toast to some of my all-time favorite gals! {Seriously, l-o-v-e these ladies!} ;)

And.. we ended the night with love, laughter, and margarita's! ;)
Cheers y'all!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beach...{from Brad's iphone}

These are just a few {of the many} Brad took with his iphone.
They pretty much speak for themselves..

Like I said.. Hudson loved "Gulf Marine World". ;)

I love this.. Hudson created his own "SeaWorld" in the sand with his buckets and toy dolphins/whales. ;)

FUN times!

On our datenight in Seaside.. on the beach, under the stars.. listening to the waves!  Loved it! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The BEACH!!!!! {Seacrest Beach 2012}

I had no idea how much our little family needed a vacation!  This past week we went on our beach vacation to Seacrest Beach, FL {between Destin and Panama City..beside Rosemary and Seaside Beach}.

My mom and dad came down to meet us... we had a great and relaxing time! :)

Hudson was thrilled to have Bee and Dee with us!

Hurricane Isaac left his mark on the Gulf but we prayed and God answered...

beautiful sunshine and...

white sandy beach. ;)

Hudson loved the ocean but sadly I have very few pictures {of him in the ocean}... the picture taking is harder with two! :/  He loved playing in the sand and making sand castles too! ;)

Little Miss Mary Bradford loved the beach as much as her big brother!

Love this one! ;)

Our view from our balcony... {remember people the day after Labor Day the prices drop dramatically!;)}. We used www.vrbo.com  (vacation rental by owner)...highly recommend it! ;)

Hudson enjoying his breakfast...loved having breakfast and coffee with this view.  Always one of my favorite things at the BEACH! ;)

With a whole 2 days in the sun (minus nap times;) we decided we'd take a morning to take Hudson to "Gulf Marine World" in Panama City.  Y'all know Hudson's love for Dolphins and SeaWorld...he L-O-V-E-D it! Brad and Dee took him {Brad has a ton of pics on his iphone I'll post soon}. 
 I was so excited to hear Hudson tell me all about the Alligators, the Dolphin shows {yes, they went to TWO dolphin shows :)}, sea lions and more... that boy is full of enthusiasm and I so love and appreciate it!! :)

While the boys were at "Gulf Marine World" Mary Bradford, my mom and I went out for a little shopping {basically just browsing and window shopping} and lunch...so much fun and so special to have that time with my mom!! ;)

I absolutely love late afternoons on the beach...it's the best part of the day to enjoy it!  Mary Bradford loved her feet in the sand, splashing in the water and the waves splashing her... just like her big bro! ;)

We had a fabulous beach vacation!  It was everything we'd hoped it would be!! ;)
And THANKS to my parents for offering Brad and I to have a date night the last night we were there.
So nice, needed and romantic... a lovely restaurant in Seaside on the beach under the stars. 
Loved it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A first day, a first Dove Hunt... and a BRAVES game!! ;)

I'm thinking I may have forgotten to post our precious boy's first day of 3 year old Pre-school!

I'm pretty sure he's a lot more confident doing something "new" than I was at his age.  So proud of our little boy!! ;) (This was on Wednesday, Aug22;)

Brad was thrilled to take Hudson on his first hunting experience this past Saturday.  It was the opening day of Dove season.

Brad's dad (granddaddy) met them...Hudson loved it and did a great job!  He actually retrieved the birds for the men...I didn't want to post those pictures... I'm afraid I may offend people. :/  Brad is a great teacher...he loves sharing his love for the "great outdoors" with our son! :)

Granddaddy and Hudson! ;)

Brad was one proud Papa...and Hudson was one tuckered out little boy!  It was a long, HOT day of hunting...so proud of Hudson! ;)
Hudson was determined to wear his "game clothes" as he calls them! ;) I'd much prefer him wearing Navy and orange but he was with his daddy... ;)

Bart and Alison helped me give Brad an awesome b-day present...front row, suite/club level BRAVES tickets!  So.much.FUN!!!!

Alison has a great career with Georgia's Own Credit Union..she is VP status..hence the awesome tickets! ;)

In case you didn't see it on facebook...Brad is on the Jumbo-tron (in the red shirt;). 

We love Chipper Jones!! Go #10!! And...yes, we were there for Chipper's WALK-OFF 3-run HOMER!!! It was incredible!!! For all you baseball fans out there.. Chipper has played his entire career for the Atlanta Braves.  This will be his last season before retirement! :( There will never be another Chipper Jones... I remember watching him as a little girl.  He has been with the Braves for 20+ years!! ;)

The suite/club was incredible.  Endless amount of food: pizza, burgers, hotdogs, salad, hummus, veggies, fruit, drinks, ADULT beverages (of your choice), cookies...and the ICE CREAM cart...YUM!!! Oh, did I mention FREE b/c that part was awesome!!!! ;) ;)

Bart and Brad played baseball together in college...of course they had to stop and practice their pitching. 

Great job boys, but don't quit your day jobs!! ;)
THANK YOU Bart and Alison... one of the BEST experiences we've had in a long time!!! ;)
And..THANK YOU Bee and Dee for babysitting!! :)