Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Drive TiMe" on the SkYliNe...

What a beautiful Saturday it was here in C'ville... a little on the warmer side but still a gorgeous day! Our football games did not start until the 7pm hour (shout out... WAR EAGLE!!! What a game!!! :) ) so Brad and I decided to explore some of the beautiful scenery and sites around C'ville!! We got on "Skyline Parkway" and drove at least 45 miles (sunroof open and windows down)... the mountains/valleys were gorgeous... and I can't wait to see them when all the leaves change color!!! :) Also, notice Hudson's KEEN shoes... I bought them at Zappos... LOVE that website!! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carter's Moutain, Charlottesville, VA :)

Last night we met some of our wonderful friends at Carter's Mountain (near Monticello) to watch the sunset! The night was perfect... weather, wine, beautiful scenery ( I LOVE the mountains!), good friends, sweet boys, and my husband is HOME! So thankful Brad is home after being gone all week... I know God provides incredible GRACE when we need it the most... and I certainly needed alot this week!!! ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Patrick and Hudson REUNITE!!!!

I don't know if you recognize these two baby boys... (sorry Carol, I just LOVE this picture of Patrick!)...

But LOOK at them NOW!!! Hudson and Patrick are literally 3 days apart.. May 26th and May 29th! As I was leaving to go home from the hospital...Carol/Tom were arriving! Such FUN memories!!! :)

Brad and I are so thankful it worked out to visit Tom and Carol...and we're so happy the boys were able to play!! It was a GREAT weekend!!

BTW... Hudson LOVED playing in the's great for creative/imaginary play in case anyone (aka..GRANDPARENTS) are thinking of a good Christmas gift for Hudson!! ;) haha... I'm teasing... but he REALLY did LOVE IT!!!! :)

Pittsburgh WITH THE Pohl's!!!! :)

WOW! I can not even express how much FUN we had with our good friends Carol and Tom Pohl (and of course their adorable little boy, Patrick) this weekend!! we miss them and wish we were still neighbors! Many of you met them when you visited us in MS...they lived across the street... Carol and I were pregnant with our boys the exact same time... it made for a FUN 9 months and an even MORE fun first few weeks of MOTHERHOOD!!! I think God brought Carol into my life to help me survive an extremely HOT and HUMID summer in Mississippi while at home with a newborn baby!! Praise the LORD for the Pohl's!! :)

We definitely hope to make visiting the Pohl's an annual tradition!

After the ZOO... Brad got to play GOLF (with Tom) at OAKMONT!!! Sadly, I have NO pictures... but he said it was the equivalent of my visit to the set of "The Office"... so you KNOW it must have been INCREDIBLE!!!!! :)

Aquariam = one HAPPY little boy!

The Pittsburgh ZOO really is a fantastic zoo but I'm trying to post pictures of Hudson...and not just the animals. Hudson loved seeing the lion, tiger, elephants, giraffes, etc... but when we entered the aquarium... he was running from each exhibit... fascinated with the fish/sharks, turtles, penguins, etc... it was adorable!! This first picture was taken right before Hudson kissed me on my cheek...he thinks anytime we lean in towards him it's time for kisses! It's the sweetest thing!! :)

We think Hudson was wanting to dive in the water!

Hudson and Patrick in front of the SHARK tank... the shark had just swam by... my finger wasn't fast enough to snap the picture!?! (but who needs a shark in the background w/ these two adorable little boys!?) :)

"LiOnS and TiGeRs and BeArS... OH MY!!!"

YES! We finally took Hudson to the ZOO!!! Everything about our trip to visit the Pohl's in Pittsburgh was incredible... but the ZOO was definitely a "highlight!!" :)

How Awesome is this picture! Once we walked in the tunnel... the Polar Bear DOVE in and started bouncing the ball on the glass! Such beautiful and graceful (yet, dangerous) animals! ;)

This Lion was actually roaring... Hudson LOVED it! He can "ROAR" like a's adorable! ;)

The TIGER says... WAR EAGLE!!! We're still working on that one! :)

One of my favorites!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day trip to Washington, D.C.

How cool is it that we can literally leave at lunchtime to visit D.C. and return by night?! Brad invited Hudson and I to tag along on Tuesday to D.C... where we met his Uncle Eddie (his Dad's brother) who gave us a tour of Andrews Airforce Base. We got to see fighter jets, Air Force One, and see the nice new building where Uncle Eddie's picture is hanging in the "hall of fame"!!! :)

Here we are beside Ed's picture... what an HONOR (for Ed)!! :)

We are standing in front of the state flags... and the water tank (Brad always notices the water tanks!!) :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hudson's FIRST day of "Pre-School"...

Today is definitely a day worth documenting! Hudson had his first day of "school"... it's every Monday from 9am-12pm (the first two weeks are only until 10:30am for the children to get adjusted). Of course, he LOVED it as I knew he would...

(notice the book in Hudson hand... he LOVES his animal book) Also, notice the beautiful leaves behind our house... ohhhh, how I LOVE FALL!! :)

Daddy was finally able to see the school (First Presbyterian Church Pre-school of Charlottesville) and was VERY impressed!!! :)

Here Hudson is with his teachers "Miss Kim" and "Miss Hope"... Miss Hope is tending to a little girl named Adair. Other mom's were asking what we do to make Hudson "adapt" so easily... I think it's in his DNA..seriously, have you MET this kids FATHER!!! haha!! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Women's 4 Miler.. in Charlottesville!!! :)

The Women's 4 Miler (fighting Breast Cancer) in C'ville... is ALMOST as fun as the Peachtree Road Race in ATL!! :) This was a fun race and I'm glad I was able to get a number (I was on the waitlist...there were 3500 WOMEN!!!).
I know my muscles don't stand a chance against my good friend, Robin! :)

Hudson was still asleep when I left the house this morning... but thanks to my amazing husband he was able to change Hudson, get breakfast together for him, pack a little bag and make it to the race just in time before they closed the road... I think Brad is... SSSUUPPPEEERRR DAD!!! :) I was SO HAPPY to see them at the end of the race!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hudson LOVES his vacuum! ;)

A BIG thanks to "aunt" Katie (Farmer) Lamothe for Hudson's vacuum (it was his birthday present)... he absolutely loves it! He often helps mommy with the vacuuming (as well as the laundry...haha!!). He might be a very domestic young man! ;) I've been meaning to post a video for awhile to show Katie how much he loves it!!! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ohhh Boy.. (s) :)

Okay, if you can't already tell... these two boys are adorable! I just can't get enough of them... and after a day without daddy... these two just can't get enough of each other!! Brad has started playing with Hudson in the "play-hut"... it's the funniest thing! This age (age ONE ;) ) is difficult to catch everything in a picture... they sit for a second and RUN the next... but I think I got some cute ones... :)