Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday pLayDaTe at the SpRiNkLeR park!!! :)

While Brad and his dad went to Fredricksburg, VA to "experience" some indoor race track... Hudson and I decided to meet some friends at the local "sprinkler" park in Forest Hills (aka...downtown C'ville). Hudson and I had been before... but it's definitely one of C'ville's "best kept secrets" for young children!! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farmer's Market (continued...)

Allison is a very talented photographer... here are some of the "fun" pictures she took...

Farmer's Market (Saturday mornings) in downtown C'ville

The Farmer's market in downtown Charlottesville (Saturday mornings) is one of the BEST in town... we took Allison and Levi to breakfast at "The Nook" restaurant (delicious/one of our favorites in C'ville) then headed over to the Farmer's Market. Lots to choose, fruits/veggies, breads, all-natural anything (granola bars, pastry's, cookies, teas/coffee, etc...). Definitely a "repeat!" :)

monday, Monday, MONDAY.... ;)

The Monday's (Allison and Levi) came to visit us in Charlottesville this week!! We had an amazing time with good talks, good wine/beer, good food (restaurants), a sweet kid (Hudson ;) ), and GREAT friends!!! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hangin' out with FrIeNdS!!! :)

We went back to our good friends Jill/Luke's house's clear to see our son knows "no limits"! He LOVED the "kiddy" pool...he would climb/slide out, Brad would put him back in...this went on for several minutes... I tried to catch it in was hilarious!!!! :)
FYI..Hudson LOVES bubbles!!! :) We play with bubbles during bath time... check out his face in the last picture! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!! :)

Five years ago today Brad got on his knee at the ATLANTA Braves game and proposed to me... it was one of the BEST days of my life!!! This holiday will forever and always be one of my favorites!!! I am thankful for my country, my GOD, my SAVIOR, my husband and son, my family, my blows me away at the MIGHTY God we serve!!! It does not matter where God takes us...MS, VA... HE ALWAYS provides us with friends and Godly/AMAZING people... and to HIM be the GLORY!!!!!!!! :) God bless the USA!!!!! :) Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hudson says... GoD bLeSs ThE USA!!!!!! :)

Hudson wants to say HAPPY 4th of July to everyone!!! :) We had a wonderful church service...Charlottesville, VA is the home of Thomas Jefferson who of course had a lot to do with our independence/freedom!! You can only imagine the festivities C'ville has!!! :) We are headed to our friends house around 4pm...adults/kids/babies, cooking out, swimming pools, slip n' slide, fireworks, good eatin'...what could be better??!!! More pictures to come....
May I please take a moment to "boast" on my sweet boy? When I picked him up from nursery this morning the workers began bragging on how sweet and easy going Hudson is (as they always do)...but this time they told me he consoled a little boy about his age that began crying when his mom left. Hudson started patting his back and gave him toys to make him feel better...I was a proud Mama and it just warmed my heart! :) However, Brad and I are not sure who he got that from??? :) hahaha!! :)