Sunday, January 23, 2011

Katie came to VISIT!!! :)

My very dear and precious friend, Katie came to visit this weekend... we had such a fantastic time together!  I always love it when our friends come to visit and to spend a little "one on one" with Katie was super special and well-needed!! ;)

Here Hudson is pushing Katie on his Plasma-Car that Granddaddy gave him for Christmas...

Hudson likes his Plasma-Car but I think mommy and daddy (and Katie) like it MORE! ;)

Family photo... :)

Brad and I took Katie to the Downtown Grill.. one of my all time favorite restaurants in C'ville! (We were so thankful our super-awesome babysitter, Sarah was available at the last minute! ;)

Hudson was "smitten" with Katie...he started the weekend saying "K-K" and by Sunday he had REALLY mastered "K-Tee"! :) Thanks Katie for being so sweet and playful with Hudson...he adored you! ;)

I could not resist this adorable picture... Hudson just snuggled up next to Katie and it's like they were having their own little conversation! :) Thanks Katie for coming to visit!;)  We LOVE our amazing friendS!  God has blessed Brad and I with incredible friends that have impacted our lives for eternity!! ;) Love you ALL! xoxo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank YOU... BEEEEEE!!!!!! ;)

I guess I could've named this post "duck hunting" but while Brad and my dad were on their annual duck hunting trip in Arkansas... my MOM ("B") flew up to Virginia to keep me company and help me out! ;) I just want to give my AMAZING mom a "shout out" and just let her (and everyone) know how unbelieveably GRATEFUL and appreciative I am to her and ALL that she's done in my life and the incredible grandmother she is to Hudson! :) There is NO doubt the LOVE my son has for his "B"! Lots of tears were shed when we dropped her off at the airport today :( 

Brad said it was one of his BEST hunts! ;)

My dad and Brad... sadly I do not have my camera! I left it at my friend's house in ATL...she's bringing it w/ her this weekend! (Thanks, Katie! ;)

So, since I couldn't take any pictures this weekend I thought I'd post this little cartoon picture to show what Hudson's latest "interest" is... washing dishes!  Lets just say Bee is a little more patient w/ this than momma... he's just our "cutey-patooty" that's in to EVERYthing!  When does this phase end for the "average" toddler..?? ;) ;) haha!   

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A tribute to AUBURN... WAR EAGLE!!!!!! :)

If you haven't heard... AUBURN won the BCS National Championship!!!! And if you google it all you'll see is "what were the ODDS"??? Ye of little faith is what I'd like to say... I love me some college football but most of all... I LOVE AUBURN!!!!

Here he is... Cam Newton.  I believe Cam IS who he says he IS... a man of GOD!! I LOVE when he said... "we're all just instruments for God's Kingdom.." As I watched the game last night I could tell he was frustrated w/ some of his "errors" (as were WE!)... but he went over to the sideline and it truly appeared as if he were meeting w/ God in PRAYER and afterwards he was READY w/ confidence to finish the FIGHT and finish this "RACE" the way it was meant to be... (2Timothy 4:7)  

I know I'm a passionate person but I LOVE the AU fans/'s something special!  I love the memories from my childhood (and young adult-hood) sitting at the football game (with my BIG orange AU bow, AU t-shirt.. etc..) and watching the EAGLE fly around the stadium as we all chanted.. WAR EAGLE, the fighter JETS flying over, the band playing, the team running on the field waving the enormous AU flag, the crowd/fans going WILD, etc... Auburn is a VERY special place to me and my family (mom/dad/brother)'s where my parents MET and my dad even proposed to my mom at a bench on campus (yes, we're reminded of the place everytime we go to Auburn! ;) But I LOVE it... and wish we lived closer!!!! :(
Auburn is "ALL IN"... ALL or nothing!!  We all know things can change in a matter of seconds in college football (especially the SEC) THIS is Auburn's moment!!!  An incredible SEASON and very sweet VICTORY!!! :) Check out these amazing videos... click HERE (re-cap of the incredible season) and HERE (I still can't get over the Michael Dyer "play of the game" gives me CHILLS!!! ;) 

 WAR EAGLE everybody!!!! ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!! :)

Well, you might be expecting to see some fun and "crazy" pictures of us bringing in the NEW YEAR but we honestly celebrated exactly how we wanted it... low key, layed back, and relaxing! ;)

We took Hudson to downtown C'ville...they call it "first night".  Since Hudson is a little young for all the "fun"...we arrived early and enjoyed just walking around, going in the shops, shopping at the local vendors, drinking coffee, etc...  All the activities were inside the C'ville Omni Hotel...I didn't take pics but they had puppet shows, clowns, bounce n' play, music, etc... it was FUN to watch but a little too busy to let Hudson run and play!

Hudson didn't want to stay in the stroller for long...we think he ran the entire length of the downtown mall.  Busy little Bee he is! ;)

Downtown Charlottesville :)

Hudson enjoyed dancing for the "local" music!! He is such a social butterfly...and we ALL know who gets it from... HIS DADDY!!!!! :) ;) And a little of his mommy TOO! ;)