Monday, August 29, 2011

Lovin' the Weekends!

We had another great weekend!  Busy, but FUN! ;) Hudson and his good buddy, David LOVED playing at "Fridays at 5" in downtown C'ville... we met at "Five Guys" burger restaurant (a perfect place for kids) and walked to the concert. 

Hudson and David loved holding hands.. it was precious!! ;) We ended up seeing over HALF of our street (neighbors) downtown... with the cooler temps {mainly in the mornings and evenings} I think EVERYone is enjoying all the outdoor festivities!! :)

Saturday morning we went with our new (moved here in June) neighbors to Carter's Mountain for a little EARLY apple picking and LATE peach picking...the "best" apples won't be ready for a couple of more weeks but we certainly picked some "tastey" ones! YUM YUM!! ;)

Hudson really gets into the "sport" of pickin'! ;)

William (3 1/2) and his brother James (aka Jeb..16 months) are some of our new neighbors.  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their sweet family...and Hudson loves playing outside with them just about EVERY evening! ;)

I definitely think Carter's Mtn was a success and the Ballards seemed to LOVE it!!! I can't WAIT for the Apple Festival later in October... sooo much FUN to look forward to in my FAVORITE season... FALL!!! ;)
Not to mention... what starts this weekend????? GAME DAY!!!!! ;) ;) WOO HOO!!!! ;) WAR EAGLE!
We're also celebrating a VERY special birthday TODAY (August 29)... BRAD's!!!!  His b-day dinner request: grilled steak, grilled corn-on-the-cob, re-stuffed baked potatoes, and green bean casserole.  I better get to cookin'... and my little man should be waking from his nap any minute!
I'll be sure to post pictures but I'm soo excited about Brad's b-day cake... I bought the NEW Dairy Queen BLIZZARD (heath bar..Brad's favorite) looks too delicious to be true!!! ;)  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Accomplishments!!!

We have certainly accomplished alot this summer but 3 things come to mind {the most}... #1 We conquered the POTTY!!!  I have to be completely honest...this was maybe the EASIEST thing (transition) I'll (we) ever experience in parenthood.  Hudson just sort of adapted to it overnight (literally) he likes to "do it himself" which means he either STANDS and lifts the toilet seat or he climbs onto the toilet all by himself!!!  While we may have a serious strong-willed kid on our hands I have to PRAISE the LORD for how easy Hudson "conquered" the potty...we're just AMAZED!! ;)

#2 We had some incredible SWIM LESSONS!!!  I wish I had pictures (or even a video) to share but we ("Miss Jean" and I) discovered very quickly that Hudson was much more cooperative for her if I wasn't I would go to the opposite side of the pool where he couldn't see me (but I could still see him).  Hudson LOVED his swim instructor "Miss Jean"..he still asks about her (even though the lessons were way back in July).  I know it may be hard to believe but Hudson can blow bubbles, hold his breath, kick and move his arms all at the same time.  He jumps in and swims to the side or to the steps (which ever is closest).  He would actually prefer to swim to the middle of the pool but that's one thing Miss Jean really worked with him on...water/pool safety!  Miss Jean was always bragging on him...saying in all her 20+ years of instructing/coaching she honestly doesn't know if she'd ever seen a 2 year old with his coordination {I apologize for boasting but it was another proud momma/daddy moment}. ;) A BIG THANKS to my mom and dad (Bee & Dee) for the swim lessons (they were part of his b-day present!;).

Yes... we started the summer with an AWFUL case of the "No's"...oh, it was a serious, obnoxious, want to pull-your-hair-out case of the "NO's"...everything was a NO!  And don't even think for 2 seconds it was a sweet little voice he used... it was a "Noooooo" (it's difficult to describe in writing but hopefully you get the point).

#3 We are now (about 95% of the time;) saying no THANK YOU, no ma'am, and no sir!!! ;)  And yes, there is even a little bit of "Yes, please"... Brad is extremely pleased that Hudson is now saying "May I please" (something daddy has been working on with him;).  I am sure the case of "No's" will never truly leave us but we are very pleased that Hudson's tone has improved and that he actually uses "No" with MANNERS!!! ;)

Well, as you can see we've accomplished alot this summer and we are THRILLED for the FALL that's only a few short weeks away!!! :) The other morning was 58 degrees here.. I almost cried with JOY!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Mommy, my house shake"...

Yes, that is the latest report from the Brown household...we experienced a 5.9 magnitude EARTHQUAKE today!!!  For this southern girl..that was a traumatic experience..something I'll NEVER forget!!!  Around 1:50pm the house began to shake and the sound that came with it seems impossible to describe... I honestly thought a train was coming through our house.  While it may have lasted several seconds it felt like MINUTES... I ran to Hudson's room got him out of his crib and we stood in the doorway of his bedroom until it stopped.  We were both a little shaken up {to say the least} for several minutes after it had stopped... Hudson kept saying "Mommy, my house shake, it scare me!"  No real damage was done and it honestly feels like a weird/crazy dream now.  Some picture frames had fallen on the floor and onto tables they were sitting on...but no damage in my kitchen, not even my hutch! ;)
Brad was enjoying our story-telling at dinner tonight.. Hudson kept shaking his little body to show daddy what the earthquake felt was hilarious! ;) Brad asked Hudson, "who was with you during the earthquake".. Hudson didn't even hesitate and responded.. "GOD" ;) {Proud momma and daddy moment}

Now we'll be awaiting this beauty...after it visits my Carolina friends, first!? :(  Hurricane Irene is expected {predicted} to hit Charleston and Myrtle Beach at the end of the week and by the weekend we're predicted to have Tropical Storm winds and rain... it's also predicted to be a Category 4 hurricane... YUCK!  Stay safe!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We're back!

I'm back...finally! I've actually been terrible about remembering our camera when we go places and I guess I think everyone's like me and likes a little "visual" with blog posts! ;)  But after some local C'ville friends began telling me they were bored w/ Smith Mtn Lake pictures..I decided to make it a TOP priority to grab my camera before leaving the house.  However, I only took 2 pictures.. ;)
Anyhow, it's been a BUSY weekend... it started w/ a fun surprise baby shower for my dear friend, Michele (she's having baby #2 in just a couple of weeks) was a HUGE success..tears and all!!! ;) I hope to get some pictures to post from some my friends... we ate at a super fun restaurant in downtown C'ville (Maya..on the patio!;).

Saturday was a fun day as well... Brad and his "4-man golf team" WON our annual neighborhood golf tournament..I can't explain the pride I have when my husband WINS a competitive event... I know Brad says "it's just for fun" but come on.. WINNING is an added bonus.. right?!?! ;)
Hudson and I attended David (3) and Gianna's (1) birthday party...the Hines are some of our dearest friends here in C'ville we absolutely adore them! ;) I (along w/ everyone else) think it's the coolest thing that David and Gianna share the EXACT same birthday 2 years apart..and NO, it was not planned!!!
Well, I promise to post more soon...we've been busy little Brown's these past couple of weeks and sadly I have very few pictures to share ;( . I would like to announce that my brother and sister-in-law had their sweet baby girl... Cameron Rose Fussell- August 9- 9lb 9oz {I hope to share pictures soon}. ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smith Mountain LAKE!!!! ;)

We had a great couple of days at Smith Mtn. Lake... Hudson LOVED being on one of daddy's "work trips"!  He actually got to see his daddy climb a water tank, meet with clients/customers, and watch all the fun "work stuff" daddy does on his iphone...I'd say it was a successful "work trip"! ;)

And going to the lake was by far the BEST part!

Ready, set... JUMP!! ;)

It took momma a little longer to jump in {it always does at the lake}...after several minutes of Brad/Hudson nagging me to JUMP in Hudson finally said.. "Mommy, I come push you in" he did! ;)

Lovin' life at the lake! ;)

After a long afternoon on the boat it was nice to just chill out at the cabin/lake house... ;)

We had a GREAT time at Smith Mtn Lake... I think my husband is a pretty big ROCK STAR to invite us to tag-along and make such fun memories/family trips together!!! ;)  THANKS, Brad..we LOVE YOU, daddy! ;) xoxo