Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Well-Rounded"?? ;)

Not sure what you call this but "well-rounded" seems to fit?! ;) Hudson has a real shoe "fetish".. he's even opinionated about his OWN shoes and which ones he wears each day.  As much as I try to hide my shoes/heels he somehow manages to find them!? If you've spent about 10+ minutes with our son you already know his shoe "obsession"! ;)

And the fact that he's cleaning our tub WHILE wearing my heels was just too funny not to share! ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peach Pickin' & Water slides!

We had a fantastic Saturday!  We started at the Peach orchard...

We loved pickin' peaches! ;)

It was especially fun eating the peaches and I made a delicious homemade peach cobbler that afternoon... Brad said it was my "best ever" (I give credit to the fresh picked peaches!;).

Hudson LOVES tractors!  Such a southern boy! ;)

After nap time we took Hudson to the "North" pool in our neighborhood..the one with the "big slide"!! ;) Hudson just couldn't get enough of the big slide..he LOVED it (and of course daddy did, TOO!;)!

Hudson's favorite thing at the pool is running and jumping in to our arms...he's our fearless little fish! (Which can actually be frightening at times!)  

Ya'll know momma had to join in all the NOT let this slide fool was surprisingly FAST (seriously!)!! And yes, that's Hudson under his life jacket.. with his momma holding on for dear life!! haha! ;)

Another picture of daddy and Hudson coming down the slide... we'll be "frequenting" the north pool alot more this summer!! TONS of FUN! ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Line-backer in training! ;)

We may have a future line-backer on our hands!  Life in the Brown household when daddy gets home from work! ;) While mommy is trying to teach "gentle-ness" daddy is teaching tackling.. either way it's hilarious and hope you enjoy it!! ;)
*sidenote: just as Auburn crushed the Oregon Ducks in the National does Hudson!* ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FaThEr'S Day FUN!! ;)

We've had a great weekend celebrating Father's DAY!!  We started on Saturday at a local park with some our favorite people...
A delicious picnic, frisbee golf, a fun playground and happy kids... what could be better!?! ;)

The dad's got to play a round of frisbee golf while the momma's played with the kiddos on the playground..

Hudson and his sweet buddy, Liam. ;)

The dad's returned from their game..they had a GREAT time! :) 

Hudson and his other sweet buddy, Jack! ;)

Brad and I love taking Hudson to Riverside has fantastic playground equipment and we LOVE the riverwalk/pathway! ;)

Hudson and daddy throwing rocks in the river (Hudson would do this for HOURS if we let him!;).

Our little man after church...he loves his Plasma Car!! ;)
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my fun dad (Dee) and my sweet father-in-law (Granddaddy)..we are so thankful for you!!  Thank you for all you do and for loving our little family! ;)
Brad, Happy Father's Day! In case it's not obvious you are LOVED and ADORED! You are a phenominal father/daddy (perfect for our Hudson)! Thank you for everything you do...YOU amaze me!! :) xoxo

Friday, June 17, 2011

While Daddy was away...

BEE (my mom) came to stay!! ;) Brad has a crazy month of traveling and I can't thank my mom (and dad for letting my mom come) enough for coming for the entire week!!  Here Hudson is kissing daddy through the phone one night! ;)

Hudson LOVES talking on the phone... he was telling daddy all about his day! ;)

The weather has been amazing this week (high-70's and sunny!;)!!

Enjoying the summer evening!

Hudson loves playing at the park in our neighborhood (right across the street)!

And... so does mommy! ;)  I hope to take some pictures with Bee before she leaves!!  I LOVE having my mom visit...THANKS for all you do Bee!! ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SeSaMe Street LIVE!!!

This morning Hudson and I had the BEST time going to Sesame Street LIVE at the John Paul Jones (JPJ) Arena in C'ville!  We've been talking about it for days and Hudson has been SO excited!  I went fully prepared for any and all possible melt-downs, tears, tantrums, etc... but Hudson LOVED it and was just perfect!!! :)

He clearly didn't want to be taking this picture but I just HAD to take one to remember this special occasion with my son! ;)

Here's the whole Sesame Street gang.. I wish ya'll could have seen Hudson, he was dancing, jumping, spinning around, clapping, etc.. He LOVED it!!  He kept asking for more dance, more music, more Big Bird, etc... I absolutely adored watching the excitement and joy on his face!  He has the most incredible expressions! ;) 

I'm sad Brad couldn't make it... he is super busy with work!  Thanks to Lina/Matt and the Hines family for letting us tag along this morning...we had a BLAST!! ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Recap of the weekend(S)

First of all, I've yet to tell ya'll about our anniversary "getaway"... Brad and I went last weekend (while we were home for Hudson's b-day party) to Atlanta.  We stayed at the St. Regis (100% amazingnessss)...I can't say enough amazing things about that place!! ;)  The service was incredible...we felt like William and Kate (ie, royalty!;).  Our informative and extremely kind bellman offered us FREE Braves tickets for the night we were there...these were our seats!!  This "William & Kate" were extremely thankful and veryyyy HAPPY!!! ;) GO BRAVES!!!

Now, onto this weekend...we started with a little live music and dancing at "Fridays at 5" in downtown C'ville!  I know some friends of mine that would LOVE this and need to come VISIT... Jessamie and Jason (just to name a few!;).

We had a busy Saturday morning running errands and doing a little farmer's market shopping downtown.  Later in the afternoon we met some of our friends to celebrate our good friend, Saul's birthday!  We met at Walnut Creek Park...Hudson loves the "beach"!

This picture makes me laugh... Hudson was literally saying "watch mom"! :)  He was trying to show me how he jumps under water... HAPPY B-day Saul..we had a great time playing in the warm sunshine!! :)

Getting ready to go to church on Sunday morning

We hosted a little "kick-off to summer" in honor of Hudson turning TWO with some of our "local" friends late Sunday afternoon! ;) We had a great time letting the kids play in the "kiddy" pool and our neighborhood pool (across the street).

Here are the adorable cupcakes I ordered from "Capellino's Crazy Cakes" on the downtown mall.  I love the sea shells, surf boards, dolphins, etc.. what a way to kick off the summer HEAT!! ;)

Yes, I think we've been singing the "Happy b-day song" for way too long...but we wanted to do it one last time with some of our good friends here in C'ville!  I wish ya'll could hear Hudson singing it...he makes sure everyone gets a turn (Bee, Dee, Nana, etc..;)..he makes me smile! ;) 
 I'm disappointed I wasn't able to get a picture of the backdeck decorated for the party or a group shot of all the kids (I normally try hard to get one!)...but I can assure you they were a cute group of kiddos! ;)

There is no where else this kid would rather be! ;)