Friday, March 30, 2012

Putt-Putt, Peace and Thankfulness...

Before my dad (Dee) left this past Sunday.. he joined Hudson and Brad for Hudson's first putt-putt experience.  He enjoyed taking the pictures and sharing the special time with Hudson. ;)

This picture makes us laugh... "so Hudson" ;)

I think his favorite part was "retrieving" the golf ball ;)

Oh yeah, he totally picked his outfit out.. orange/polo swim shorts {yes, swim shorts}, the shirt my parents brought him from Israel, and the dark socks... classic. ;)

Of course, I have to show this little butter ball...I'm pretty sure she had just eaten and was totally chillin' in her swing. Hilarious. ;)

Love a baby yawn! ;)

Had to show Mary Bradford's new hair "accessory." ;)
Right now I am enjoying nap time... Mary Bradford has certainly been sleeping during Hudson's nap time but the BEST part is both are in their own beds/crib!! :) Mary Bradford has been napping on one of us or in the pack n' play/bassinet in our bedroom..there's just something so peaceful about both of them being in their own space (rooms) and own beds!!! ;) Thank you Lord for the little things!! ;) Plus, I know this won't last forever so even more reason to enjoy it now and just. be. thankful. :)
Another reason I'm so thankful... my amazing MOM!!!  I just wish she could live with us for the first 3 months...that would be awesome!!  But sadly she has a life and job so she'll be leaving later next week...we're thoroughly enjoying her while we have her!!! THANK YOU, Bee {my mom} for being YOU and loving us through your sweet acts of service!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! xoxo :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

A super-quick update...

While Bee and Hudson are out and about around town and Mary Bradford is napping I thought I'd do a super-quick post just to keep you all updated...
Here Bee is with 2 of her three grandbabies...

Seriously, is this big brother not just the coolest?!?  This picture totally sums him up! ;) He loves everything "boy"...but he is quite the "fashionista"...he loves everything his Bee owns...her purses, her shoes, her make-up, etc.. ;)

The grandparents celebrated with pink bubble gum cigars and pink lollipops.. we did the same for Hudson but of course everything was blue! ;)

The cool big brother got to go with his daddy and 2 grand-fathers (granddaddy and Dee) to the UVA vs. Clemson baseball game... Hudson loves his wig/hat!! :) Gooo Hoos!! ;)

Sweet little Mary Bradford ready to leave hospital...notice her monogrammed gown that her Nana bought her! ;) Thanks Nana!

This big brother just can't get enough of "his baby"...

We have to watch him very closely but he is doing great with Mary Bradford...

And of course, Hudson is loving all the baby toys/equipment that have come back in to our house. ;) We hope this phase doesn't last long (for H wanting to play with all the baby equipment;)... Hudson wanted to know what it felt like to be Brad swaddled him in a large beach towel.. so funny!! ;) haha!  I think these two have lots of fun memories in their future!! ;)

What I'm enjoying as we speak! Thanks Michael and Teresa (Brad's aunt/uncle;) for the adorable owl toys...MaryBradford clearly loves them!!! ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Introducing... MaryBradford Leigh Brown

We're still enjoying our hospital stay and Mary Bradford is in the nursery so I only have a quick second to blog.  If only you could've been in the O.R. when they announced "it's a GIRL"... we were shocked!!!  I was so convinced we were having another boy I'd probably have bet some serious money on it {good thing I didn't!}.  Brad and I almost didn't believe it... there was lots of laughter and excitement in the O.R. as the medical staff was enjoying the suspence and surprise as well!! ;)

We'd like to introduce you to our sweet baby GIRL... MaryBradford Leigh Brown.  Calling her Mary Bradford.  She was 8lbs 12oz, 21inches and born at 9:45am.  This sweet baby was nameless for about the first 8 hours of her life...Brad and I got to spend a little one-on-one with her and that's when we KNEW...she's our Mary Bradford! ;) It was a tough decision as we loved both of our girl names...but after spending time with her and playing around with the names it was a "no-brainer"! ;)

My first look at her... Mary is family on Brad's side.  His mom is Mary Catherine, his grandmothers were Mary Joyce and Maryann and of course, Bradford is Brad's real name.  I absolutely love that our daughter will carry on her daddy's name. ;) 

And here is the proud big brother that has my heart more and more... visits to the hospital are "interesting" to say the least but this sweet boy ADORES "his baby"!! ;)

We can not believe we are parents of TWO..that have a son AND a daughter... our hearts are overflowing with thankful-ness and joy as we start the adventure of a family of FOUR!!! ;)
p.s.- the grandparents have taken the majority of the pictures this time so hopefully we'll have more pictures to share..coming soon!! ;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Down to the HOURS!!!!

It's down to the HOURS... crazy {really CRAZY} I'm going to be a mom of two tomorrow and we'll be a family of FOUR!?!  Are we ready? Do I even remember the newborn 'stage'? What will this child be like? Who will he/she look like? I could go on with my 100's of questions... but these are just a few that have run through my head the past couple of weeks!
You may be wondering...what do you do the day before baby #2? Well, interesting you should ask... I made this delicious pineapple cake...found on pinterest for all the grandparents to enjoy while we're in the hospital {yes, that slice missing is being well-digested in my stomach!}'s a keeper of a recipe I'll tell ya that! ;)

Along with taking Hudson to pre-school, doing blood work in preparation for tomorrow, going to the grocery for what seems like the 5th time THIS week, running to Target {again for what feels like the 5th time this week}, having my house CLEANED {not by a paid house-cleaner}...seriously EVERY mom needs to treat themselves to least ONCE!!! ;), baking a cake, packing the baby's bag, washing some clothes {I can't imagine what laundry with a family of FOUR will be like?!?!}, sterilizing bottle parts (pictured), and checking off my to-do list... I think that about covers it.
Along with the questions and tender thoughts I have about the baby... I also wonder if we've made enough memories with just Hudson? Does he know how special and loved he is? He will forever and always be our first born...there's something eternally special about him..something in my heart that I can't even express..just me and God know it {and Brad, too:)}...but I also know just in the same way that Hudson is special and has a deep affection and fulfillment in my heart so will this child {because clearly my parents adore me and I was the second born...that tells me something..right?! haha!!;)}.  I have no idea what this next season of life holds... but my prayer is that it will be filled with blessings, love, laughter, a sweet sibling bond, and a joy that over-flows!

Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4: 6,7

Saturday, March 17, 2012

T minus 4 DAYS!!!!!

No, we haven't had our newest addition...this is Hudson and looking back at his baby pictures actually gets me a little more excited about meeting our baby#2... {if baby doesn't arrive before Wednesday..I will have a scheduled delivery this Wednesday, March 21!!}

Here we are at my sweet friend, Carol's house.  I loved having she, Tom and Patrick right across the street...we had so much fun in our little cul-do-sac! ;) Yes, you've probably noticed it looks like I haven't had a shower...this is just a good reminder of the luxury of a long hot shower in the newborn phase! ;) Ha,ha!! ;)

We had so much fun taking Hudson he was only 10 weeks on his first trip to the BEACH!! ;) I honestly miss living 4-5 hours from the Florida Gulf coast!

This just makes me laugh! was fun with each and every milestone {this was Hudson's first night eating rice cereal}...I'm looking forward to seeing baby #2 in all his/her milestones! ;)

The pumpkin patch...around 4-5 months...yes, we're all sweating b/c October in Mississippi was about like JULY...H-O-T and humid!!!

And we jump all the way to TODAY...St. Patrick's day... I've had so much fun recently going through all of Hudson's baby pictures, his baby book, his "firsts", etc... it's really gotten both Brad and I excited to meet this sweet new baby and experience everything all over again with his/her personality and interests.  It's amazing how FAST time flies when you have a child... we've done some amazing things with our little "H-man" and we can't wait to start all our new adventures with baby #2 and as a family of FOUR!?!?

We had a fun time on the UVa lawn this morning with our good friends, the Hines!  Hudson loves his baby Gianna...or should I say "big girl" Gianna!? ;)

What childhood memory doesn't have dirt, trees, friends, smiles and laughter... we are so thankful and blessed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little bit of UVA Baseball!!!!

Friday night we took Hudson to the UVa baseball game against Va Tech... it was a great game and a fun time was had by ALL!! ;) We got there a little late (top of the 4th)..we stayed 2 hours and left at the bottom of the 6th... it was a great game but a little slower paced than Hudson is used to. 

Brad certainly enjoys Hudson's interest in sports, games, etc.. and "exposing" him to the actual sporting events.  Brad played baseball in college and really enjoyed his experience... I have a feeling we may be buying season tickets to UVa baseball NEXT year!! ;)
Hudson loved it and so did we... Go Hoos!! ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Such a kid at heart!!

Today was a SNOW DAY...Brad and Hudson had a great time in the snow and the best part it's already melted on the roads!  As you can see...Brad is such a kid at heart, as if people didn't already know!! ;)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

38 Weeks and a few projects for the nursery!

Can you believe it?!  This week makes week 38.. crazy, shocking, exciting, a little scary, joyful, oh and did I mention scary?! haha! ;) But the way we see it is we want to grow our this is what we do.  Of course, the best remedy for this season of life and parenthood in general {in my opinion} is PRAYER!!! :)

Last weekend one of my super, amazing and very talented besties came to visit...I can't even express the love I have for my dear friend, Jessamie.  I adore everything about her...seriously!!! And one thing never abs hurt for days after spending time with her due to all the laughter!! haha! ;)  Oh yeah, and did I mention how much my son ADORES her?!  He is still telling me he wants to go to South Carolina to see Jessamie! ;)
Here is one of our projects she helped me with... I've always loved this verse and I found this exact print on pinterest ... this is where Jessamie totally helps me with "Do it Yourself" projects.  She found it on flickr, we downloaded on to our jump drive and off to Kinko's we went... an old frame and "modge podge" and Voila!! Pretty awesome, right?! ;) In case you can't read the verse...
I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart. ~Jeremiah 1:5

And...some amazing wall shelves she picked up at IKEA for me.  All these pictures were taken with Brad's iphone so I apologize for the lighting and blurry image(s).  Jessamie has an amazing decorating and design blog...y'all be sure to check it out HERE! ;) There are several other projects I haven't taken pictures of but I promise when everything is "complete" I'll post more! ;)
Thank you, Jessamie for making the trip and helping me with the're AMAZING!  Love you and loved our time together...SO special and FUN!!! :) 
p.s. ~ bring your husband and cute kid next time! ;)