Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hudson's first trip to the dentist=SUCCESS!!!! :)

Not at all a surprise to Brad and I... Hudson loved the dentist!!  He may be our little "pistol Pete" sometimes but I tell ya...this kid loves the doctor, getting his haircut, the dentist (etc..;)...things that alot of kids fear and hate our kid L-O-V-E-S!! ;) It's quite humorous sometimes! ;)

The dentist gave him an A+ report...great teeth and of course...cavity-free! ;) She actually recommended that we continue brushing his teeth for him until he's about 8 years old {giving him a "turn" of course}...parents are often shocked when their kids have cavities at a young age but it's b/c they aren't properly brushing their teeth for them {just a fun lesson I thought I'd share with all my mom/dad followers!;)}.

He did GREAT and truly loved going to the dentist and showing off his pretty "pearly whites" all day!! ;) I just adore my little fella!! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

C'ville's first "real" snow of WINTER 2012!!!

This past Sunday Charlottesville got it's first (and possibly last) "official" snow of winter 2012..here is the view from our front door as the snow started.

The first thing Hudson wanted to do was make snow angels...he has a Penguin book he loves and there's a picture of the penguins making snow angels so of course that's all Hudson had on his mind when he saw SNOW!!! ;)

Hudson and daddy trying to smile with the down poor of bright, white cold snow... ;)

Hudson loved playing with our sweet neighbors Will and James (aka..Jebby;)...Brad and Mr. Jason (Will and Jeb's daddy) initiated some pretty "intense" snow ball fights..the boys LOVED it!!! ;)

Hudson was lovin' the snow ball "game"! ;)

Hudson and Will ganging up on our neighbors... Jen and Julie! They were such great "sports" about our little guys throwing cold snow at them! ;)

Notice Brad's "antique" sled...he takes great pride in that thing?! I'm pretty sure Lara Ingles used it... haha! ;)

Our sweet little home on a cold snowy winter day. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little something we like to call...

A "babymoon"! ;) Brad and I went on a quick little overnight "get-away" Friday night.  Sadly, none of the grandparents can take off work and/or travel to see us so close to the baby's arrival (as they want to take off time/work to meet the baby;).  Anyhow, we had our sweet sitter, Lindsay come stay the night with Hudson.  He did great and it was very comforting knowing she had done the same type thing for some of my good friends.

We went to Keswick Hall resort which was AMAZING...and the best part.. it was literally about a 20 minute drive from our house!  I would've never known about this #1 ranked "small resort" if it wasn't for my amazing baby shower last weekend! ;)

When Brad made our reservations he told them what we were celebrating and this is what they had waiting on us in our room.. LOVED it!! ;)

We ate dinner on Friday night at Fossett's restaurant (at the resort) ... probably one of the BEST restaurants we've EVER experienced!  Incredible food, service, dining experience..not to mention it's a 5 STAR!! ;) The chef takes great pride in sharing the foundation of food/dining that Thomas Jefferson indulged himself to. ;) We didn't get a picture..it was obviously not the type of restaurant to bust out your iphone and start flashing pictures..haha! ;) So..here we are to the next morning... a true "luxury".. room service. :)

Eating on our personal patio..overlooking this gorgeous view!

I can not express enough how enjoyable this quick little over-night "babymoon" was for Brad and I... we have been enjoying a weekly date night for a few weeks now but getting away for a night was a much needed time of "R&R" before we enter in to this new season of life.  Along with all the good eating...we also enjoyed working out, a prenatal massage, delicious french press coffee, sitting in front of the fire, and some romantic scenic views... Oh yeah, did I mention the heated infinity pool we knew nothing about?!  Too bad because we would've loved a night swim! ;)

Hudson did great with Lindsay...she told me some funny stories!  She's always got a long list of funny things Hudson tells her.. he invited her to his b-day party in Georgia..giving her all the details of his party!  Apparently there will be lots of dolphins at his party...he told me he wanted a "dolphin" birthday party in Georgia at B and D's (my parents)...but I think he's under the impression there will be REAL dolphins?!  I better get to researching...haha! J/k! ;)
Anyhow, after Hudson's nap today we had a nice family evening at Greenleaf park..and Riverside restaurant for dinner. YUM! ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

An incredible (surprise) Baby Shower!!!!

A luncheon "tea" that my boss invited me to at Keswick Hall turned in to THIS... a SURPRISE baby shower!!! :)

These are some of my amazing and lovely friends that kept this baby shower tea a complete surprise...I'm still so amazed, shocked, and filled with LOTS of JOY and LOVE for and from these adorable friends...

Here I am in complete shock! ;)

My precious friend, Robin that planned it all!  I just found out she used to be an event-planner..OF COURSE!! She's full of amazing talent!! ;) THANK YOU, Robin... so thankful for the day we met at The Nook!! ;) Love you!! (Robin was my first friend here in C'ville;)...it's totally a God thing for how we met! ;)

The adorable diaper cake my talented and "artsy" friend, Sarah made! ;)

These were some of the pictures Robin took... so thankful someone had their camera!! ;)

I absolutely L-O-V-E-D this from my friend, Michele.  It says... Inspiration for six weeks after your baby arrives. Enjoy getting your sexy back!

And this was in the box (along with some cute undies!;)... I so loved it and appreciate it!! What a clever idea...I will HAVE to remember this for a baby gift!  Such a fun little "momma gift" and a great motivator to get my "sexy back"...haha!! ;)  I am so grateful to these amazing ladies and friends of mine...I love and adore all of you!! :)

I must say...every place God has taken Brad and I HE has always surrounded us with incredible people, friends and relationships...from Cleveland, GA (where we started at Truett-McConnell college), to Valdosta, GA (where we transferred and graduated), to Perry, Ga (PRAISE God he didn't keep us there!!!!;), to Mississippi (3 1/2 years) and now Charlottesville, VA God has always remained FAITHFUL to His word!  Brad and I have always loved the Jabez prayer...especially the part of expanding (enlarging) our territory.  God has certainly expanded our territory and we are beyond thankful for each and EVERY friendship/relationship HE has blessed us with!!! ;)
And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
"Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!"
So God granted him what he requested.
~1 Chronicles 4:10

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hudson is "Happy to see you.." ;)

Brad recorded this video a few nights ago...we are constantly entertained by this little boy! ;) He can always make us laugh and smile... the "Happy to see you" song is what they sing in music class at Pre-school with "Miss Melanie"...Hudson L-O-V-E-S music time! ;)
{My apologies for our son's volume towards the end..he "gets it honest";)}

Monday, February 6, 2012

A week in "re-cap"...

Well, it's good to be back... I'll be real quick as I've got limited time... I made some healthy meals last week and this was one of mine (and my boys;) favorite...pecan-crusted salmon, oven-roasted rosemary potatoes and spinach salad..YUM!! ;)

Aunt Christy (Brad's sister) mailed us a large package of (cousin) Jackson's hand-me-downs... super AWESOME to this momma! ;) Thanks Aunt Christy and Jackson!!! :)

We took Hudson to "family swim" at my gym on Saturday...Hudson is still fearless of the water and continues to show lots of "growth" in his swimming skills and coordination in the water!

Such a FISH! ;)

I realized that I have never posted Hudson's "art board"... I try to rotate all the fun things he brings home from church, pre-school and the things he does w/ Miss Donna...some stay up longer b/c they're so darn cute! ;) I have a small storage bin for the things I want to keep indefinitely... it's always a tough "cut" but I just can't keep everything?! 

The Valentine Hudson brought home from pre-school... majority of the hand-prints and foot-prints DO make the cut! ;)

This has been on our frig since early December...Hudson loves writing his H's!  He's got the "H" and "O" just about to perfection! ;) Way to go, HudsOn!! :)
Last week was a GREAT week!  Seriously...no internet and no TV!  God did some awesome things and showed me that honestly I have alot of distractions in my life...how do I even have the time for these distractions?! Seriously?! And as for the no TV... I actually accomplished more in the evenings/night-time.  I read a good portion of this month's book for my book club.. "7" by Jen Hatmaker (another post for another time!;), had some great brain-teasing fun playing Soduko, and the best part...Brad and I had some great times talking, communicating, playing card games, and just spending some good ole quality time together! ;)

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is...his good, pleasing and perfect will.
~Romans 12:2