Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!! :)

Happy B-day to the LOVE of my LIFE!! :) From what I can tell... Brad had a great b-day weekend! He got to play a round of golf (18 holes) on a beautiful course in Crozet with his good friend, Matt... while wearing the NEW golf shoes Hudson and I gave him. :) Being that we have a VERY active 15 month old.. going out to eat is becoming more of a challenge than it's worth so Brad asked me to make the "infamous" bbq beef cups, green beans, caesar salad and the Heath Bar Cake that Angela introduced us to! :)

You might be asking...where is Hudson while you cook... well, now you know! I have to "contain" him...he's a smart little guy and he's figuring out way too many things..way TOO fast!!! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

MORE JuMpInG!!! :)

No, it's not our trampoline... it's our next door neighbors! Hudson loves jumping with the "big" kids in the afternoon and by himself in the mornings... it's become a morning "ritual." :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

The original "monkey" video...

One little MoNkEy jumping on the COUCH!!!

I know... no jumping on furniture. And if he were 2, 3, or 4... of course I'd expect him to understand... but I just get tired of saying NO, NO, NO all day... he's only 15 months... and at some point I just have to let go and let my wild little monkey be WILD (in the privacy of our own home of course)!! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

While we were away...

A GREAT BIG Thank You to my mom and dad (Bee and Dee) for taking care of Hudson while we were in Key West!!! It was alot harder to leave than I had expected but it helped knowing Hudson was being so well taken care of! It actually took him a little while to "warm up" to Brad and I being back... I don't think he "skipped a beat" when we left which makes me feel good knowing he's having fun along with sticking to his routine/schedule... Thanks again Bee and Dee!! I know Hudson will miss you!!! :)

If you want to see anymore from Key West.. you have to join FACEBOOK!!! :)

We loved our water sport adventures... jet skiing, snorkeling, knee boarding, kayaking, etc... the water was crystal clear!

The beautiful dress Mrs. Brown bought me! :)
We LOVED riding our bikes all over the island! :)

Key West 2010 (cont...)

Here Brad is catching his 4 foot "black tip" shark... I was SO PROUD!!! :)

The shark...

On our "sunset cruise" with Captain Andy (aka "Captain Ron")!

The sunsets in Key West were breath taking!! :)
The southern most point in the US.

Key West 2010

Here is a "start" to the MANY pictures we took in Key West... our trip was incredible!! :) I have posted several pictures on facebook (it's so much easier b/c I can post several at a time as opposed to 5 at a time!)... More pictures to come of ALL of our adventures in Key West... along w/ a pic of Brad's 4 foot shark he caught! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hudson at the Sprinkler pool with Bee and Dee...

After a long day of traveling yesterday (from VA to GA)...Hudson was able to enjoy some "pool time"...there is NO denying our little boy LOVES the water!! :)

Look... I can SWIM!!!! :)

Enjoying a snack after my swim... :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hudson LOVES helping Mommy with laundry!

Cousins (MaLLoRy and JaCkSoN) came to visit...

Even though Hudson had a "yucky" little virus...we still managed to have a FUN time with our sweet cousins/niece/nephew... a BIG THANKS to Aunt Christy and Nana for making the trip! :) We look forward to making more memories together!!! ;)
Hudson LOVES walking/running down a hill... it makes him "kackle" every time! :)
Hudson is wearing his "play clothes" along with part of his was a nice morning at the park!

Mallory and Jackson LOVE their Uncle Brad! :)