Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest/Halloween "Bash"..

Well, first of all "Happy Halloween" to everyone! ;) I'm not some over the top Halloween person... but I'm finding it to be a little more "cute"/fun since having a young child.  I love the poem "5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate" and "Have you ever seen a pumpkin", etc... it's been fun singing those to Hudson this year (I pull out all my fun Pre-K teaching material this time of year.. or at least what I can remember!;). 

Anyhow, we hosted a little "Harvest/Halloween" party for some of our friends this past Friday... it was planned for well over a month and of course the day it came there was a "Winter Storm" advisory...seriously??!!  And it was planned to be OUTside...we moved our cars and made it in our driveway and really was a FUN time even though I'm fairly certain the temp dropped to 39 degrees while everyone was still here!? 

Yes, when the Brown's host a "throw-down" we go all out!! ;) With about 14 young toddlers/children (ages 18months-4yrs old) we felt like we needed more than the push toys and tricycles... plus, much to our delight it wasn't very expensive to RENT this bounce n' play!! ;)

I was MOST proud of my center piece with Hudson's artwork from pre-school and some things we've done at home (but mostly preschool!;).  I have LOVED everything he has made... handprint spiders, black cats, jack-o-lanterns, orange collage, fall foliage trees, etc... so I was very proud of my "branch idea"... I clipped his art to the branches in the vase! ;)

While I'm on the subject of Hudson's art... our Monday babysitter (Donna) brings a craft bag EVERY week with her and they do fun artwork together..Hudson loves it and so do I!! ;)

Here is a start to our kid eating area...and yes we added more chairs to the table...but sadly the RAIN came...

Here is the best picture I took from the bounce n' play... I didn't keep my camera out once people started arriving.

And the COLD RAIN came... we brought out our large tent and moved the kids, food and ourselves under it..along with the garage and INside!!  Can you see the adorable spider cupcakes my friend Catherine made...she and her son, Will are so crafty in the kitchen! ;) 
It really was a FUN time I just wish the weather would've been a little more "cooperative" but the kids didn't seem to notice and with all the yummy food and good friends...the adults didn't seem to mind either! ;)
Happy Halloween, YA'LL!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Down on the farm...

This past week we met some of our good friends at a local farm (Greenfield Farm).  A fun farm that is full of hay bails, tricycles, play houses, animals (such as, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, donkey, chicken, turkey, etc...and that's just to name a few!;), along with slides, slides and MORE slides!! ;) Basically a young child's paradise!! ;)

Hudson and Will walking on the hay bails.

 You can see the "big" slide in the back ground... it was a favorite! ;)

Hudson coming down the big slide..


Hudson again..
(Dee, you'll be happy to know the only jeans Hudson will wear are the Wrangler's you gave him!?;)

Little Liam (we have a "big" Liam too!;)

"Big" Liam and David enjoying the hay ride...

The three amigos lovin' the hay ride... (Hudson, Jeb and Will)
It was a fun time had by ALL!! ;)
I have party pictures I'll post soon... stay tuned!!! :)

Our "Tough Mudder"

I feel terrible that it's taken me almost a WEEK to blog about this but we are so proud of Brad for successfully completing the "TOUGH MUDDER" challenge (last Sunday, October 23)!! And this challenge is NO JOKE... it was 9 miles on a ski resort (Winter Green, VA) with 27 obstacles (yes, 27!!!!).   Start time temperature was 34 degrees...and majority of the obstacles had some element of WATER (notice the balance beam obstacle).

The monkey bars were placed over a muddy pool of water and some were greased with butter and oil...just to make it even more challenging!?!

This was the "carry your log" obstacle... you carried your log about 3/4- 1 mile on these "small" bunny slopes...

This picture is a little PG-13 but this is the ICE BATH obstacle that Brad said was by far the WORST obstacle/challenge... he said it's the coldest he's ever been in his entire LIFE!!!  Notice the wall you had to submerge under to get out of the ICE...after you'd already been in for about 20yards...this just seems miserable to me but we are so proud of Brad for completing the Tough Mudder!!! ;)

And here he is.. crossing the FINISH LINE 3hours and 45minutes later!! He and his buddies had a great time but could hardly move on Monday (the day after the race).  Needless to say, I was very proud of my baby daddy!! ;)  I guess after 5+ years of marriage a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby on the way... Brad's still got that active/adventurous spirit he's always had and I so love and appreciate that about him!!! ;)
I love you babe!! :)
Btw- we have a ton of Halloween/harvest FUN pictures to post... they're coming SOON!! ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet our Jack-o-lantern! ;)

The other night we turned one of our pumpkins into a Jack-O-lantern!!  Hudson loved helping daddy take out all the pumpkin "goop"..

Hudson really was a great helper and I was so proud of Brad with the "end" creation... (and YES, I helped as well!;) 

It's simple but sweet! ;) We have another pumpkin to carve {maybe} later this week.  We're hosting a little Halloween/Harvest "Bash" next weekend... there may be an interesting little jack-o-lantern contest with a FUN prize for the winner.  Stay tuned! ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I think I'm on to something... :)

If there's one thing I love to be... it's PRODUCTIVE!!! Being productive can be several different things to each individual person but lately...I've had several days of feeling quite productive..and I'm LOVIN' it!!! ;) Here's one way I'm feeling "productive"... 
 One of my sweet friends at work lives on a FARM..I mean the real deal raising chicken, cattle, growing gardens kinda FARM..and I buy her farm fresh eggs about every 2 weeks (this is a recent business deal..going on about 2 months!;).  Well, as you can imagine..we have a nice supply of farm fresh eggs.  And believe it or not, I make Hudson {Brad and myself} homemade french toast at least 2 (sometimes 3) mornings a week...and YES, even working/weekday mornings when I have to be at work by 8:30am (hence the feeling of being PRODUCTIVE!!;).  But today is the day we're having QUICHE {another great/healthy way to use my farm fresh eggs} for dinner!  Do you want to know HOW I knew today was the day for quiche?? Because I plan our meals by the WEEK (just another way I feel productive;)!!  It's something my mom always did and now that Brad can give me a little better "outlook" of his week it's been alot easier to plan... so today (Thursday) I had  QUICHE on the weekly menu.

It also helps with my couponing... I'm certainly NO pro at coupon thing but every little bit helps! ;) So before Hudson even woke up this morning I cooked the sausage and set aside for later {when I got home from work}.  Tues/Thursdays are nice b/c Hudson comes to pre-school WITH me (he's in the 2 year old class;).  While Hudson ate his lunch and played a little I threw everything together...the sausage, spinach, mushrooms and cheese.  Put my pie crust together, mixed my eggs and milk (salt and pepper) and Voila! I through it in the oven, put Hudson down for his nap...and now, our dinner is ready for when we get home tonight! 
We have Hudson's Fall Festival at pre-school later today (I'm volunteering to help at one of the "booths").  Should be a ton of fun but it's so nice knowing that dinner for my family will be ready when we get home! ;)

Oh yeah, Brad bought a loaf of whole grain/all natural (all organic ingredients..I say this b/c as healthy as it is they don't last as long due to the lack of preservatives...which is a good thing;) bread at the Farmer's market LAST Tuesday...we only have half a loaf left and while it's probably passed it's expiration for sandwich bread I may try to whip up some french toast to go along w/ our quiche...and probably the frozen tator tots in our freezer as well!! ;)
I follow several blogs that share their weekly (sometimes MONTHLY) meal's always fun to see what people are eating! ;)  This week was fairly easy b/c of our busy schedules...
Sunday: Chicken Spaghetti, fresh broccoli/carrots
Monday: (I met some girlfriends for dinner) Brad/Hudson had leftover chicken spaghetti and veggies
Tuesday: We had a date night (our neighbors kept Hudson)..we did a date night rotation. ;)
Wednesday: We kept our neighbors (Will and James)..Brad had Clam Chowder (from Whole Foods- it was on sale!!;). I made the boys hot dogs, french fries, carrots and sliced apples
Thursday: Quiche , tator tots (and possibly french toast).
Friday/Saturday are typically "grill-out" nights or eat out nights (depending on the "budget"!;).
Okay, so this week wasn't a good week to share our's been pretty easy! ;)  
 I do alot of cooking/preparing in the morning before I even leave for work OR I use Hudson's nap time (depending on what I'm making).  As you can see I still cook "simple" and convenient.. it's just the season of life we're in. However, I do try my very best to make things that are HEALTHY and I can assure you EVERYthing I make/cook/bake is filled with lots of LOVE!!! ;) I know it sounds "cheesy" but I honestly get such satisfaction in cooking for my family...I was like this even when Brad and I dated! ;)
I told a girlfriend the other night that as much as Brad compliments my looks and tells me I'm "beautiful" probably means more to me when he compliments my cooking! {I know it may seem strange but that's just "ME"!;)} 
 While I may be productive in this area I certainly lack in others... I've got a load of laundry I'm about to go fold, clean dishes that need to be unloaded (but will probably wait until Brad gets home!;), floors that need to be swept, mirrors that need to be cleaned, etc...
WOW- I've got a lot to do before my little man wakes up! ;)
Happy {productive} Thursday!! ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adorable GOOD-ness!!! :)

Let's be honest..some days parenthood/motherhood can be "challenging" but then you catch these adorable moments and you're just reminded to PRAISE GOD that you're a Mom (or a dad!;)!
**Make sure your speakers are on!** ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Havin' a HAPPY Fall weekend!!!! ;)

We are having a great time enjoying this beautiful fall weather!  After a week of's nice to see the sunshine and some cooler temps! ;) A perfect weekend for pickin' our pumpkin(s)!! ;)

It was so fun running in to our dear friend Jack, his momma (Robin) and new baby brother (Garrick-3 weeks;).  Jay (Jack's dad) is one of the golf coaches at UVa...this is a crazy/busy time for Jay with traveling, tournaments, etc... so it's always nice to get together with Robin while her baby daddy's gone! ;) haha!! ;)

Yes, I look like a MESS but I thought this was great of both boys...I can't believe they were BOTH looking AND smiling!!! ;) {I was clearly going for the "wind-blown" look!} :/

Jack, Hudson and Robin (and baby Garrick) on the wonderful hayride!!

Finishing our lunch with a nice warm cup of fresh APPLE CIDER...YUM!! ;)

On the way home Brad and I discussed all the things we bought..let's begin: 2 large pumpkins, 1 baby pumpkin, 3 hayride tickets, 1 cheeseburger (we kind of all 3 split;), 1 order of french fries, 1/2 dozen apple cider donuts (NO-we did not eat them all), 1 bottled water, 2 cups hot apple cider and about 9 fresh picked Fuji apples.  Doing any kind of "family-fun" can put a small dent in the wallet... but a happy 2 year old and a happy mom/dad= PRICELESS!!! ;)
I hope you and your family are enjoying the gorgeous FALL weekend!!  I think we may hit the UVa/GaTech game after Hudson's nap... I'll keep you posted!! ;) Lots of GREAT football today!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doggy Sitting

We've had a great weekend... Brad went on an over-night fishing trip on the Eastern shore (Chesapeake Bay) with some of the guys from our Lifegroup (from church).  They had a great time and I hope to post pictures soon! 
Hudson and I had a fun friday night and Saturday together... he has really taken a "liking" to his firetruck/floor puzzle.  I think it helps that our 3 1/2 year old neighbor (Will) likes it so much! ;) So, Hudson and I must have put this thing together at least 5 times on Saturday morning... he loved putting pieces together, taking pride in his work, taking it apart..and starting all over {and of course, mommy had to help a little!}.

We enjoyed spending some time with our good buddy, David...later that afternoon.  Hudson loved David's sand table!

And...we did a little "doggy sitting" this weekend for our neighbors.  Hudson loved getting to play with Will's dog, General.  When we told General to "sit"..Hudson wanted to as well. ;)

Of course, Hudson wanted to use General as his personal pony. ;)

I think this is where he asked General to "please, walk"...good manners but General wasn't having it. ;)

**We also had an amazing service at church today...I have to be honest I truly feel convicted sometimes with how little I talk about Jesus {even on my blog!}.  I often wonder at the end of the day and sometimes at the end of a week...did anyone truly KNOW that I love Jesus or even think "she must be a Christian"?!  And often times, I realize my answer is "NO".  If you think about when Jesus asked his disciples to "FOLLOW ME"...there was very little conversation.  They just dropped their nets and followed him...and now we {I} say YES, Jesus I love you, I'll follow you...yet there is little action!?  I want that change... sure I talk about God/Jesus on a daily basis with my son, my husband, close friends...but what about the non-believers?! Or just people God puts in my path? 
I sit here challenged...wanting to put FAITH to work/action!!! ;)

"Come follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men" ~ Matthew 4:19

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hudson has an AnNoUnCeMeNt!!!! :)

Well, it's been awhile...and I can't believe we haven't told the blog world BUT....

Hudson is going to be a BIG BROTHER in March!!! :) {This picture was taken in early August when we told family and some close friends!}

This was taken the other day with Brad's camera phone... Hudson loves talking on his pretend phone (from his play kitchen) while he talked I thought what better time for an updated picture (that's why his shirt is just thrown on top of his other one!;).

"That's right everyone, I'm gonna be a BIG BROTHER!!!" ;)

After some of my friends started asking when I planned to blog or post the news... it hit me that we're getting far along in this journey so I better get to sharing!! ;) Plus, I like blogging about this kind of stuff...what I'm craving, my thoughts, feelings, emotions, Brad's excitement, Hudson's excitement, etc... so get ready for some fun posts about being preggo for the second time! ;)  Also, I LOVE my doctor here.. I loved my doctor in MS and I'm so thankful to have found one I'm equally as comfortable with.  The only catch... this doctor is a little bit on the "watch your weight gain" side.. so if you don't mind I may use the blog to hold me accountable (as long as the numbers on the scale don't jump TOO much!;).  My doctor actually told me he'd trust me to wait 6 weeks (when we get our ultra sound) as long as I don't go crazy with the weight gain... my response "as long as I see you before Thanksgiving!" ;) 
Alot of my friends that use AND highly recommended this doctor warned me about how he feels with too much weight gain, etc... but I'm not in the slightest bit intimidated or concerned. 
I actually like that he cares for our baby and my health so much! ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singing in the...bathtub! ;)

Brad recorded this video a few nights ago while giving Hudson his bath.  He has a number of favorite songs but "Tinkle, Tinkle little star" and his A-B-C song have been at the top of his "play list" lately!  I always love it when we're able to capture these cute moments on camera or video! ;)
**Oh yeah, and Hudson loves his bath-time crayons..hence the crayon art on the tub!** ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

UVA Football and a package!!!! ;)

We've had a great Saturday...I apologize that my pictures are completely out of order but hopefully you'll be able to follow along! ;)  This afternoon (after Hudson's nap) Brad and Hudson headed to the UVA football game.  They really hated to leave me behind and I did hate to miss Hudson's first experience at a college football game but with Brad traveling so much right now for work I really appreciated the mommy {me} time!!! ;) Besides, Brad said Hudson "could not have been better"...and we've started realizing sometimes H "acts out" worse when we're all together {which can make family time challenging at times?!}. 

I LOVE this picture...Brad was great at taking some pictures with his camera phone.  It's extremely convenient that Auburn and UVA share the same school colors. ;) Hudson has been talking ALL evening about the football game, seeing the Cavaliers play and getting to sit with his good buddy (and neighbor), Will (age 3 1/2). ;)

He's been asking..."when can I go back to the football game?" And Brad said he actually listened and followed the game well...and cheered for every touchdown! ;) Today's weather was a PERFECT day for football!!

One of my personal highlights of today...THIS package from NANA (Brad's mom)!  It was like an unexpected early Christmas present...a large box FULL of fall/winter clothes for Hudson that she's been collecting/buying the past couple of weeks!  And get this...she gave him not one, not two but FIVE monogrammed long-sleeve shirts...all different fonts/styles and colors...I was THRILLED!!! :) :) It's been a long time since I've gotten anything monogrammed for Hudson..I've ordered seasonal things with his name on them {sometimes I just can't help myself} but with the thought of having another boy one day I've been trying to limit the monogramming...however, I'll take it as a gift ANY day!!!!! :) THANKS a TON, Nana!!!! ;) {And Hudson LOVES his book!}'s where the "out of order" begins..this morning we had a successful time at soccer, had a delicious lunch at Riverside Grill, and practiced riding our bike.  The special thing about this bike is it's daddy's bike from when he was a young child...pretty cool, huh?!  I'm amazed at all the things Brad's parents have kept through the years...seriously impressive!  Sadly, I enjoy getting rid of things way TOO much...but I'm sure I'll hold on to the extremely sentimental "items"! ;)

The helmet is an "issue" but it's helmet or no bike. Safety first! ;)

And...just before nap time we practiced our T-ball... such a great day to be outside!! :)
And...I must end this post with a great big WAR EAGLE!!! Auburn beat South Carolina today in a very close and nerve racking end... 16 to 13!  WAR EAGLE!!!! :)