Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis' the Season... {2012}

For coordinating outfits that Nana (Brad's mom) bought and taking pictures with cousins... ;)

and of course family pictures...

decorating Christmas trees {this is Hudson's "please stop making me take pictures" smile} ;)

Brother/Sister pictures (in case you are wondering...we DO brush Hudson's hair!;)...

My "inspirational" tree... ;)

The "whimsical" family tree... :)

A favorite ornament I purchased this year...{the one with the family photo;)}

And my cute little helper. ;) 
Lots more "Tis the Season" posts will be coming I'm sure... :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A train ride with SANTA!!!

Bee and Dee (my parents) took Hudson on the "Blue Ridge Santa Express" on Friday {after Thanksgiving}.  It was such a special experience for Hudson...he loves this time of year! ;)
I love this picture...he's waiting with such excitement and anticipation to see Santa. ;)

Santa and Hudson...

and we can't forget Santa's helpers. ;)

Thanks Bee and Dee for taking such great pictures... you really captured each moment! ;)

Hudson loved the train ride! :)

Story time... a little history of how the train ride with Santa all began.
Hudson loved everything about this experience (and so did my parents!;)...THANK YOU Bee and Dee for exposing Hudson to another wonderful Holiday tradition {memories he will have for a lifetime}!!! :) :) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and more... ;)

We may be strange...but we're the odd people that put their baby on the potty {sometimes}. ;)  It works well, gets her comfortable with the potty, and saves diapers! ;)

Daddy loved watching Hudson at his riding lessons...

We're so impressed with all Hudson is learning... and so is his instructor, Miss Sarah.  She seems to really appreciate his inquisitive, curious, and out-going personality. ;)

Look who is 8 months! ;)

She's a laughing, babbling, cackling, rolling, sitting-up, pulling herself up, kicking, easy-going precious baby girl. ;)

My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family... Pumpkin Dump Cake.  A recipe I found on Pinterest! ;) {It was just about to go in the oven.}

On our way to my parents house on Thanksgiving morning, first stop...


I feel terrible I didn't get a picture of my mom's beautiful table that she always puts so much effort, creativity and thought in to... but hopefully these cute cousin pictures can make up for it.. ;)

Mary Bradford enjoyed playing with her cousin, Cameron... MB and H are so much alike...they LOVE socializing and interacting with other kids! ;)

Tis the season for {matching} Christmas pajama's.  Hudson is "Mr. Claus" and Mary Bradford is "Mrs. Claus".. love them! ;)

Dee and Hudson enjoying story time.

While my parents took Hudson on a special train ride through the Blue Ridge with Santa {pictures coming soon!}...Brad and I decided to get out in the black Friday craziness.  Thankfully where we were was not bad at all... I hit up Hobby Lobby for some more items for one {of the two} Christmas trees we have this year {yipeeeee!}. ;)
Thank you Bee and Dee for a wonderful and special Thanksgiving!!! :)

I'll post more pictures from our time with Brad's family...we just drove down today {Saturday} for the afternoon for our Thanksgiving visit. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pilgrims and Indians

Today was Hudson's classroom Thanksgiving feast.  I love their adorable feathers and pilgrim hats. ;)

This is when they were singing "My God is so big..."  We love singing that song with Hudson and he especially loves the hand motions. ;) 

He really is such an animated performer. ;)

Thanksgiving table... I signed up to bring the green beans.  Hudson was so proud, when I entered the room he said "my mommy is here and so are the green beans!".  :)
Good grief, I love that little boy!

Turkey, cornbread muffins, banana bread, corn, green beans, fruit and a rice crispy treat with sprinkles... I'd say these pilgrims and Indians had a delicious feast! ;)

Can't kiss this face enough! ;)

This group of little girls called for Hudson to play "ring around the rosy."

Some people tell me he's going to be the "ladies man"..but honestly I think he's just very comfortable and confident with his "feminine side." ;)
I have more pictures that were not uploaded (a blog "issue")...I'll post more soon.
A GREAT time was had by all! :)
So much to be thankful for. 
I'll do my best to do my "thankful" post again this year... I have such a strong desire to go on an over-seas mission trip that I find myself praising God for things like: paved roads, heat, bath-tubs, showers, a comfortable bed and roof over our head {the list goes on}...
I'll be back with more soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Catching up...

Hudson and his dinosaurs..watching his dinosaur movie.  It's been a fun "phase." ;)

Two weekends ago we took Mallory and Jackson (Aunt Christy and Nana) to the "Rock Ranch." We gave the day trip to Mallory as her 7th birthday present...I think it was a fun, enjoyable day for EVERYone! ;)

Mallory getting ready to smash her pumpkin.

The corn maze was a favorite for everyone.  There were trivia questions at each turn...the correct answer gave you the correct "route".  I think we did fairly well...we got out in less than 30 minutes!  Thank the Lord for iphones and googling {when needed}! ;)

A little refreshing ice cream/lemonade break. ;)

Mary Bradford brings our family so much JOY! ;)

Taking a little break on the beautiful day.

 Cousins: Jackson (5) Hudson (3) Mallory (7) and MaryBradford (7 months) :)

Brad has a ton of pictures on his iphone that we use to capture so much of what we do... one of these days I'll post all of them! ;)
Hudson is loving that MaryBradford is {slowly} becoming a playmate for him...he really is a terrific, loving, affectionate, adoring BIG BROTHER and we are so thankful!! ;)

We're still here.... ;)

Don't lose interest in us! We're still here.. I promise!  Pictures coming soon.  I've been a little unmotivated in the blogging department but that's about to change.  Brad's work schedule is crazy through the month of November... he was gone all last week and has more trips planned through the beginning of December. 
We've had a lot going on and I'll post more soon! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall/Halloween festivities and a visit to Chick-fil-a Headquarters

I have a small window of time to post so I'll let the pictures do {most} of the narrating.  ;)

Hudson had a great time at his preschool carnival/fall-festival on Halloween morning..

I'm so thankful Brad and I were both able to attend... I helped/volunteered with the hayride which was a lot of fun! ;)

Hudson and his friend, Connor doing the pumpkin race.

Daddy and Hudson riding on the hayride.

Our precious little chick ready for the "trunk or treat" ;) (at the church we've been attending...Brad has all the pictures on his iphone;).

I truly heart {love and appreciate;) pinterest...I pinned this on my "yummy" board.  Go check it out.. so delicious and festive (using candy corn), you can totally do this for any holiday.  I may try red and green m&m's for Christmas..mix it all together, throw it in a bundt pan and Voila! ;)

It was fun having my parents down for Halloween...Hudson enjoyed all the Halloween festivities!
My dad has a business friend who now works at the Chick-fil-a headquarters..he's been wanting to take Hudson for quite some time.  It was a real treat and a fun tour...
(this is the original kitchen/diner in the museum).

Truett Cathy is a car enthusiast.

This is Dan Cathy's (Truett's son and current CEO of chick-fil-a) first car.  Truett had a scripture engraved in the dashboard to remind Dan of the property he owns and to always be safe. :)

The wall of FAME (all of the most popular Chick-fil-a items;).

The wall of SHAME (items that didn't do so well and were taken off the menu;).  This was in the kitchen where the "taste testing" takes place.

Hudson enjoyed the cars, motorcycles, and even the original bat-mobil (from Batman!;).

Truett Cathy's office...

He actually still comes in to the office about 2-3 times a age 92!  That's impressive. ;)

The best part was the Cafeteria that offers breakfast and lunch to the staff and their family (fresh salads/salad bar, sandwich bar, specials each day and it's not all chick-fil-a items)..along with the fully-equipped gym for employees and their spouses.  I was pleasantly surprised at our experience/tour and the history of this amazing corporation.  Every employee is grateful, personable and happy to be could see it and feel it. ;)

*Clearly I couldn't help myself narrate! ;)
I'll post more pictures from Brad's iphone soon! :)
Happy FRIDAY, y'all!