Monday, July 27, 2009

Hudson is 2 MONTHS old!!!

Hudson is 2 months as of yesterday (Sunday)!!! I thought I would post some recent pictures...he is holding his head up SO WELL!!! I came in after his nap today and he was trying so hard to move his legs (in the crawl position)...I'm afraid we may be tying his legs together before long!! haha!! ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A VERY quick trip to GA...

Brad, Hudson and I made a very quick trip to GA. Our friends Wendy and Kevin are full-time missionaries in South East Asia...they are home for 6 months and the 4 families (Whatleys, Willis, Newman, Fussell) got together to welcome them home!! We left Wednesday morning around 6am and returned Thursday... but it was well-worth it (Hudson was a real trooper :))!!! I'm so thankful we were able to visit with our special friends!!! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Ole friends...

Just wanted to share a few more pictures from our wonderful July 4th weekend!!! :) We love our sweet friends!! ;)

A "Neighborly" Visit

My neighbor (Carol) and I had our precious little boys only 3 days apart...Hudson was born on May 26 and Patrick was born on May 29. We had a FUN time getting together the other day...and taking these pictures!! Carol bought them matching hats... which made for an even cuter picture!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hudson, Friends and Bargains!!

Several of our friends enjoyed spending some time with Hudson during the July 4th weekend!! I also had to post some pictures of the adorable over-alls ("sear-sucker") I bought Hudson at a consignment store for $3!!! What a bargain...and aren't they precious!!! ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Who says little boys don't have cute clothes??!!!

I love Hudson's precious little clothes...BeBe bought him his little "Hudson" outfit and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Everyone knows I LOVE monograms!! :) Uncle John (my brother who Hudson looks just like) and Aunt Rebecca finally got to meet Hudson!! The road trip has been wonderful...and we are so happy Hudson was able to meet so many of the special people in our life!!! We look forward to coming home again later in July to meet/introduce Hudson to everyone else!!!!! ;)

4th of July!!!!

The 4th of July was SO SPECIAL!!! We met several of our friends in North GA so they could meet our sweet Hudson!! We had a BLAST...we LOVE our friends and appreciate their effort to come visit!!! :) We ALWAYS make such FUN memories everytime we're together!!! We went on hikes, boat rides, layed out, enjoyed a great fireworks show and of course ate some DELICIOUS food (as we ALWAYS do)!!! A BIG "THANK YOU" to BeBe, Dee, and Nana (Brad's mom) for helping with Hudson, meals and so much more!!! We could not have done it without you!!! ;) Hudson LOVED meeting all his "aunts and uncles." :)

Hudson's FIRST road trip...

Brad and I took Hudson on his FIRST ROAD TRIP for the 4th of July!!! We left after his 5am feeding on July 2nd!! For Hudson to be 5 weeks old...he did OUTSTANDING!!!! We got ALL THE WAY to Tuscaloosa, Al. before Hudson got the slightest bit "fussy"...nothing that a little love and a bottle didn't fix!! :) First stop...Brad's grandparents (Hudson's GREAT-grandparents). Hudson LOVED visiting with his granny and papa!! Next stop was NORTH GA with BeBe and DEE (my mom and dad)...along with SEVERAL of our best friends from college!!! (The pics may be out of order). The moment we arrived we HAD to give Hudson his bath...DEE Loves to give Hudson his bath!!! :) We were just SO THANKFUL to arrive...a 7 hour car ride turned into a 9 hour car ride...but over-all Hudson was a TERRIFIC traveler!!! :)