Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall (Harvest) Festival 2013

Well, if there's one thing I may be known for it's loving FALL! Especially here in Virginia...the colors are vibrant! Maybe the most beautiful I've ever seen them (trees/leaves).  I can only imagine it's due to all the rain we had this Summer.  Either way... I'll take it! ;)

Along with loving Fall and this time of year... I think friends are catching on to really enjoying our (hopefully;) ANNUAL Fall/Harvest Festival... complete with a potluck, Corn-hole, playground/space to run and play, and a piñata! Side note: we were supposed to have "bobbing for Apples" but did not have access to water for the bucket (maybe next year!:).

I don't think the remaining pictures need a description... I love that our sweet friend, Gianna is all decked out in her princess dress while hitting the piñata with all her strength! Cute stuff...

Our batman (Hudson) has a good swing... He loves piñatas! :)

They were all very determined!  I'll be providing some kind of piñata at every (outdoor) party...always a hit! No pun intended. ;)

Who doesn't love a leaf-pile?

More to come...
Happy Fall Y'all! :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

I don't think these pictures need my additional "narrating." We had a "spook-tacular" HALLOWEEN!!! ;)

Our little pinky won't see MaryBradford without her baby doll. ;)

Let the Trick-or-Treating begin...

2 Captain America's, Princess, Police Officer and a Girl Super Hero...

Movie night after the fun festivities...
A fun HALLOWEEN night was had by ALL!!!! ;) ;)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We love FALL!!!

Our family loves Carters Mountain...

It will always be a fall tradition for apple picking, apple donuts, watching the sunset and picking out a pumpkin. (Not great pictures but at least you can see what we're up to!;)

Carving our pumpkin.... I took a great picture on my iphone of our Jack-o-lantern all lit up... I posted it to Instagram! It's awesome. ;)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch :)

This past Tuesday I went with Hudson's preschool (PreK) class on their Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Learning about the "life cycle" of a pumpkin.

Hudson with his buddy, Anna Brooks.

Hudson has a precious class...all the kids are so sweet and really get along well.  I can't believe this is his "final" year of PREschool (tear :*) ).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Smith Mountain Lake

Unfortunately I didn't take very many pictures while we were at the lake (too busy:) but it was such a glorious day that I just had to share the view from our adorable lake house (we rented;).

Trying to play "catch up"

We went to Smith Mountain Lake back in September to celebrate Brad turning the BIG 3-0...and to just enjoy LIFE, LOVE and FRIENDSHIPS!!! :) An amazing day of sunshine, good food, fellowship, a little chaos, a lot of LAKE and a ton of FUN! ;)

Going to Carter's Mountain to watch the SUNSET is always a glorious time! ;)

Brother/Sister Love...

Playing football...

Watching her big bro play soccer. ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forgive me blog...

Dear Blog,
I've really neglected you... as in I just looked at you for the first time in MONTHS!!!! And I've also realized how behind I am on "following" my blog friends!!! WOW... kids are growing, new houses, new cars, people have moved... WOW, it's amazing what I've missed!!??

We had two successful birthdays and parties... MaryBradford turned ONE on March 21st and we had a sweet little family birthday party with the theme... "You are my Sunshine." ;)
*She started walking right around 13 months.
* She just the sweetest baby girl.. she'll stop what she's doing and just hug or kiss me...very affectionate and tender-hearted! ;) She is however starting to show her "sassy" and determined side (she's Brown...or should I say "Fussell"...determination and stubbornness runs in the DNA!;).

Hudson turned FOUR on May 26th... we had his HORSE RIDING Birthday party... something he had asked for since September!!! The weather was awful the day of his party and Hudson said the sweetest, most sincere prayer asking God to protect the horses and please "part the skies" so we could have his party...and OF COURSE God answered.. FAITH.Like.a.CHILD!!!!! ;)  It was fun party and perfect for Hudson! ;) *Pictures are on Facebook!
*Hudson is swimming better than ever... consistently swimming (stroke swimming, face in the water, kicking his legs...real deal swimming;) the width of our neighborhood pool by himself.  I'm amazed at what a FISH he is!!! He tells us he'll be swimming the length of the pool soon (we shall see;).  However, I can't seem to get him interested in riding his bike to save my life?! Go figure?! ;)
I'm absolutely LOVING age 4... I'm sure just like every age it will present it's challenges but it's such a fun age!!! ;)

I know a post is not nearly as enjoyable without pictures... I'll hopefully stay motivated and get the pictures up and running...

I'm enjoying Instagram (with the iphone.. quick and easy!;) and I try to post some every so often to Facebook as well (again, convenience!;).

Oh yeah, We're moving... AGAIN!?!
More on that later... see ya soon Blog world!!! ;)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm honestly trying to get this thing up and running again and truthfully I only want to do it if I can post PICTURES!!  I mean the pictures alone can do the narrating, right?! ;)

My friend, Carol has informed me there is a WAY... a way to conquer this blog mess and post pictures like the old days! ;) haha!  STAY TUNED...

In the meantime, MaryBradford had a lovely birthday party with a "You are my Sunshine" theme.  It was a sweet, intimate family birthday party!  I can't believe our precious angel is ONE!!!  I hope to do a fun comparison post sometime soon of she and Hudson... it's been fun to see their similarities and differences!! ;)

I hope to have pictures soon... but I did finally join Instagram!!! I LOVE it!!  My username is annafbrown19... look me up and let's follow each other! ;)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

A "re-launch" very soon! ;)

I know it may seem like I've retired the blog... and yes, I've debated but the truth is this blog was created shortly after we announced we were pregnant with Hudson.  It has been our journey of life, parenthood and all the adventures in between.  I have a goal of "re-launching" closer to MaryBradford's FIRST birthday which will be March 21st.  I can't exactly say "when" but I have that time frame as a goal. 
Stay tuned... {Love you all!!!}

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disney World (Part 1 of what could be 100;)...

It's been a long (and isolating) week.  Brad was at his corporate meeting in Orlando all week and Hudson was diagnosed with the FLU! :(  So thankful my mom was able to come for a few days...
And to my mother-in-law who also came for one night just to break up the week and hang out. ;)
God has been so gracious on us and I'm so thankful for Hudson's swift recovery!
**I've tried posting pictures on the blog but I'm having the hardest time... it's like they've erased the "browse" button...which means I can't upload my pictures?!!
Anyhow, I posted alot on didn't go to my friends Newsfeed... I somehow accidentally made them "private" but I fixed it where you can at least view my pictures when you visit my facebook page. ;)
Hopefully I'll figure the blog changes out soon...
GO check out the pictures on facebook when you can!! ;)
{And hopefully the pictures do enough narrating! ;) One of our favorite things was the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom...I don't think I posted any of the pictures but I'll hopefully be able to post some here SOON!;)}

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day post... (better late than never!?)

For some odd reason the blog will not post my pictures in the order I want {my apologies!;)}.  MaryBradford loved all the Christmas morning excitement! ;)

Hudson has gone through several "phases" in the last couple of months... he has loved playing doctor, teacher, cowboy, Seaworld trainer, etc...  I was so excited to find this little doctor "outfit". ;)

I think Bee was Hudson's favorite patient. ;)

This is what I gave Brad for Christmas.. he LOVED it {and so do I}!!! ;)

Brad surprised me with the "Corn Hole" much fun!  ;)))) It'll be great this Spring and Summer!

Like I said my pictures are out of order...but Hudson LOVES his trampoline...

Brad and I say it's the gift that keeps on giving... for years to come (hopefully;).

This was supposed to be the first picture posted b/c it's the first thing Hudson did on Christmas morning... looking for his trampoline! ;)

He was THRILLED!!! :)

Looking at stockings...

Playing "pirates"...
We had a wonderful Christmas season! It was so special teaching Hudson even more about the true meaning... and the act of giving and serving. 
Y'all stay tuned b/c we leave first thing in the morning for DISNEY WORLD!!!!!  I'm not even sure if Hudson will sleep tonight he's so excited... and so are his mommy and daddy!!!! :)))))

Sing it with me... M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E... MICKEY MOUSE!!! ;)