Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm honestly trying to get this thing up and running again and truthfully I only want to do it if I can post PICTURES!!  I mean the pictures alone can do the narrating, right?! ;)

My friend, Carol has informed me there is a WAY... a way to conquer this blog mess and post pictures like the old days! ;) haha!  STAY TUNED...

In the meantime, MaryBradford had a lovely birthday party with a "You are my Sunshine" theme.  It was a sweet, intimate family birthday party!  I can't believe our precious angel is ONE!!!  I hope to do a fun comparison post sometime soon of she and Hudson... it's been fun to see their similarities and differences!! ;)

I hope to have pictures soon... but I did finally join Instagram!!! I LOVE it!!  My username is annafbrown19... look me up and let's follow each other! ;)