Saturday, February 13, 2010

SwIm LeSsOnS!!! :)

Hudson started "swim lessons" today!! He has ALWAYS loved the water (especially BATH TIME!!!) we wanted to start the swim class.."baby dolphins!" We have a neighborhood pool about 100 yds. from our'll be fun once SUMMER FINALLY gets here!!! :) Hudson did GREAT helps that the pool is salt water and heated! Grandaddy (Brad's dad) is here this weekend..we're enjoying his company! And a nice Valentine date while he's here!! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hudson's friend...The VACUUM!!!!! :)

Hudson has LOVED the vacuum since he was a's the funniest thing! He loves to follow/chase it around while I vacuum the carpet. I think he loves the sound it makes, the air it blows, and the bright red color...who knows?? I just hope he continues to like it as he grows up so he can help mommy vacuum! :)

Snow, Snow and MORE SNOW!!!!!!!

While Brad was away on a hunting mom and I "weathered" the WINTER STORM...estimated 51 inches!!!!!! That's record breaking for Charlottesville! I've never been SO READY for Spring/Summer in my entire life!!! Sadly, there's more snow predicted THIS week!! :( But I'm THANKFUL the Lord provided electricity, warmth, laughter, food, etc...during the storm!! The power went out briefly (2-3 hours) during both nights...Praise the LORD for SUNSHINE TODAY (Sunday)!!!!!!! We were able to actually get out and enjoy the day!! :) "B" and Hudson were literally "hiking" through the 3 FEET of snow!!!!