Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skipping through July...

Well, Friday evening we were all planned to have a yummy cookout with all the fixin's... we were in the backyard playing, grill was warming up, and this happened.  A torrential down pour (with 60 mph wind)... out. of. no.where?!  It was a gorgeous sunny day...and then this happened. 
Oh well, nothing that the stove and oven can't cook! ;) We made tents and let Hudson stay up a little late to watch some of the Opening ceremony of the Olympics. ;)

I've gotten pretty bad at remembering to take pictures...but just wanted to show we're still here...just skippin' on through July!

Hudson is already well known around town for his awesome shoes!  Every where we go people are asking where we got them...he may just be a little trend setter down here. ;)  The Native brand of children's shoes is amazing! Machine washable, odor-free, etc.. what's not to love!? ;)
Well, as it continues to take some time to adjust we have a lot to look forward to in August:
birthday parties
visitors/guests coming
Brad's birthday
some weekend trips
Pre-school starting

More to come! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

4 Months OLD!

It honestly makes me laugh out loud that Hudson thinks the whole purpose of my picture taking was for his fake lizard that he uses to go fishing... my oh my that little boy is always keeping us entertained.. he is seriously somethin' special!! ;) 
{This is something I have to remind myself in the midst of "battling of the wills"} ;)

OH good.. an upclose picture of the lizard  {haha!;)}.  When I asked Hudson if he could put the lizard down so I could take a picture of just he and Mary Bradford, he decided it was best for he and his lizard to not be in the picture {I am still laughing at that kid..he has become quite "sassy" in past few days but his logic, grammar, and explanation are perfectly thought out and witty!}.  Love that little boy! ;)  
And by the way our baby girl turned 4 months yesterday (July 21)... It honestly feels like she was born just a few short weeks ago!

Mary Bradford is such a precious jewel to our family. 
I must admit... most of you know that I was 100% convinced she was going to be another BOY! We were telling Hudson his brother's name, pulling out the boy stuff/clothes, reading stories to Hudson about brothers, etc... I was even daydreaming of the life these brothers would have together.  The memories they'd make in their childhood, the adventures they'd have in their teen years, and trips they'd take in their adult years.. brotherly bond is no doubt a beautiful thing!! 
However, as shocked and surprised as I was to find out our little baby I carried for 9months thinking was a boy was in fact a GIRL I now find myself imagining all the fun these two will have together.  Hudson adores his baby sister as I've told y'all before... but much to our surprise and delight...she adores him just as much {even at only 4months!}. 

When I think Hudson may be hugging too tight, kissing too much, playing too close, etc.. MaryBradford follows his every move...smiling, laughing, cooing, and trying to interact with precious to this mamma!! ;)
It's fun to think of the bond I hope and pray these two will have as they grow up... looking forward to creating the fun memories these two will share! ;)
We are so in love with this sweet little angel!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

back tracking...

We enjoyed my momma's low country boil the night Brad and his dad arrived from VA... I love everything my mom cooks, bakes, makes, etc.. YUM!! ;)

A 4th of July tradition made by yours truly... red, white and blue pancakes!  ;)

For the ones that may not know... Brad actually proposed to me on 4th of July (2005) at the Atlanta Braves game {one of the most fun memories of my LIFE!}. It's always fun to celebrate our engagement anniversary! ;)

Lovin' the lake!

Mary Bradford sportin' her bedazzled American flag. ;)

My brother, John, sister-in-law, Rebecca and niece, Cameron

Hudson was enjoying all the events at my mom and dad's on 4th of July!!

I love how much our son adores his daddy... it honestly melts my heart! :)

Hudson and I have been doing some pretty cool activities since our move... I'm not the most creative person (duh!) but when it comes to entertaining young children and teaching them beyond ABC's and 123's... I can totally think "outside the box"...

1. taking a train ride to where ever the child chooses (this is so fun to pretend with all the things we "see" on our train ride;)...using the letters of his/her name as tickets (put each letter on a notecard..they have to give you the letter in order of their name for each train ride). H-U-D-S-O-N
2. Follow the leader through different habitats (totally fun with imagination!;)
3. Building tents/forts with blankets and furniture (every child needs this!;)
4. Using corn meal in a clean and dry bath tub... drawing letters, number's, shapes, etc.. when child is through flush it down with water from the shower (very little mess and quite entertaining!;)
5. Red light/Green light
**The list goes on and on but maybe this will help you and your little ones with some extra summer fun!! ;)

My main squeeze...

Brad is known for his romantic gestures... but today he showed up with this beautiful arrangement when he got home from work... saying "just because" {he is definitely the romantic between the two of us!;)}.

Then, after sending he and Hudson to the store for a few grocery items I needed... he came home with THIS!  A bottle of Pinot Noir {it was not on the list! ;)}.  I can't even describe the love I have for my main squeeze!  He is way too good to me! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mary Bradford...

One of my sweet friends in Charlottesville took some pictures of Mary Bradford for me...

The past 4 months are all kind of running together... but I think these were taken around Mother's Day, so MB was around 8 weeks! ;)

The dress she's wearing was mine as a mom kept some of her favorite clothes for me and my brother {especially the special outfits}.. so vintage! ;) Thanks Mom! ;)

Love this sweet baby...could kiss those sweet cheeks!!! ;)'s one of my very favorite of Hudson around 10months... just had to share! ;) I think these two are going to look a lot alike! ;)
So thankful for these precious babies! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Made my day..

I have a lot of pictures to share and lots to talk about with the move and transition but I must share...

This morning Hudson looked at some pictures from mine and Brad's wedding he found in a drawer (H loves looking at pictures...just like his mamma!;)... he pointed to me in the picture and looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said... "Mommy, you look like a princess, you're so beautiful."  About made me CRY...  but again... it was 6+ years ago on my wedding day... I think all brides look like a princess on their special day!! ;)  Anyhow, I just had to share... Hudson is always saying sweet things like that {he gets it from his daddy!} and I think some of them are worth sharing and "documenting"!! ;)

I'll be back to blogging soon... hopefully with some pictures of our house!
It's a tough move... but in my opinion all moves are tough and take a while to feel "settled"
I've got two babes napping and some more unpacking to do, laundry, cookin', etc... I'll be back SOON!! ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saying our "goodbye's" in Charlottesville, VA

I'd rather say... "see ya again soon" instead of goodbye! :(  I absolutely adore all these women and they treated me way too good last week!  These ladies have had such a tremendous impact on my walk with the Lord...  

My first C'ville friend, Robin and sweet Amanda ;)

My fashionista friend, Sarah! ;)

Michele, Liz, {me} and Lina...precious ladies!  All my friends have been such an encouragement in motherhood, marriage, my walk with Jesus, and everything in between... God is so good and faithful and I am eternally grateful for these women! ;)

Rockstar athlete, Michele {she played soccer at Appalachian State...yeah, I'd say she's a "rockstar" athlete!;)}

Saying goodbye to sweet preschool friends...

We'll miss Mallory's cute little face ;)

My bookclub took me out to Silver Thatch Inn the night the power went out... my camera wouldn't work very well in the dark so Elizabeth and I took one in front of her headlights at my house.  It made for a very memorable night...we enjoyed dessert and coffee in candle light and random flash lights through out the Inn.  ;) 

Friends stopped by Saturday night {praise the Lord our power had just come back on a few hours before}.

The Wilshires... Yes, Lori IS a personal trainer...she's another rockstar!! ;)  Honestly, ALL my friends are rockstars! ;)

Sweet Jillian, our next door neighbor...Hudson always introduces Jillian as "my friend"...they had a sweet little friendship, so precious! ;)

Hugs for Gianna!

Charlottesville is an amazing and special place and Brad and I feel privileged to have lived there... you never know what the Lord has planned but we are very thankful Charlottesville has been part of our journey!  Our lives are forever changed... we LOVE you, Charlottesville, VA!!
To all our C'ville friends: you always have a place to stay if you're ever down SOUTH!! Love y'all!! ;)

p.s.~ I don't think it's really set in that we've moved...especially considering we're staying at my parents for the week since we can't technically move in until July 6th.