Friday, September 30, 2011

A taste of FALL!!!!

YES! We are still here... I can't believe how LONG it's been since I last blogged.  I won't lie..I've been lacking a little motivation. :/ PLUS, I've been terrible at remembering my camera when we go on our fun adventures..and when I DO remember it I often forget to take the pictures?!  But just to give a re-cap...Granddaddy (Brad's dad) came for a quick visit (we had a great/FUN time!;), we've watched some good college football (not necessarily "OUR" teams but we DO love some good college football!;), my FALL television line-up has started back (The Office, Glee, Parks & Rec, Dancing w/ the Stars, etc..), and my Mom/Dad came for a visit!! We did some fun things while they were here... watched the sunset and a fun wine-tasting at Carter's Mtn, picked apples, made apple desserts, took my parents out to a great dinner (we got a babysitter for Hudson) AND we took them to downtown/historic Fredricksburg.  Ya'll, I had no idea how great F'burg is... the active downtown was incredible..streets and streets of boutiques, ice cream shops, coffee shops, museums, restaurants, etc.. it was AMAZING!!! ;) Not to mention some adorable shops that sold {everything} Tori Burch!!!  I was tempted to purchase an adorable purse (for my upcoming NYC trip;) but NO, I didn't break the bank...sadly, I'm a little too cheap but I DO love to look!!! ;) I DID, however, buy Hudson some new fall's amazing what I'm willing to spend money on now that I'm a mom! ;)

Okay, so on to my "taste of fall"... the weather is FINALLY starting to cool-off... high's in the 50's this weekend PEOPLE..can you say scarves, hats, and maybe even BOOTS??!! ;) Anyhow, with the cooler temps I've been really feeling the baking I made some delicious S'more COOKIES!! I didn't take a picture but they were a cross between these 2 images I posted!  They were seriously simple and even more TASTE-Y! ;)
Okay, well I'll be back soon... in the meantime, ya'll please say a prayer for my parents! They leave TODAY for a 12 day "pilgrimage" trip to Israel! A trip of a lifetime and certainly at the TOP of their "bucket list"... I'm so thrilled for them but I do pray for safe travel and even MORE safety while they are there!! ;)
THANKS Ya'll!!  I hope you have a fun-filled FALL weekend!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hudson's adorable phone conversation!

I normally post pictures with each of my blog posts but NO picture this time... just funny-cuteness! ;)
Hudson has been having some hilarious phone conversations on his "pretend" phone in his play-kitchen (the phone is by far his favorite part... and maybe the microwave TOO!;)... his conversation (to whom ever he was talking to) went like this...
Hudson: Hi, yes I went to school today. I saw Miss Pat-Jill {his 2 teachers are one word}
Hudson I'm playing with David, Will and Jack. {he wasn't but this is where I love a child's imagination!} ;)
Hudson: Sorry about that..I'm cookin in my kitchen {I think he made a loud noise and was apologizing for it}... :)
Hudson: I like my new's songs about God. Where Jesus Christ is born. {he LOVES the song "Go tell it on the Mountain"...he likes to sing along with "where Jesus Christ is born..."} ;)
Hudson: Ok, you too, have a good day...BYE!!!

Ok, so maybe this post was more for me but these phone conversations make me laugh and smile! I hope you agree! ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 year old...SOCCER!!!

I had to start this post to show off Hudson's new Auburn football shirt...I had it made around his 2nd b-day (in May) but I've been saving it for FOOTBALL season!  I still need to purchase at least one more AU shirt for him (hint,hint Bee and Dee;)...too bad they don't sell AU shirts in the hometown of UVA!?! CrAzInEsS!!?? ;)

This is how we started Thursday (right before Hudson's first soccer "practice"...).  Don't you just love the "tighty whities"! ;)

Notice no shin-guards...which was totally not a surprise!  We'll be returning them ASAP! ;)

TWO year old soccer is probably exactly what you imagine... a little kicking the ball, a little playing in the dirt, a little "not wanting to cooperate", ALOT of distractions, but also FUN!! ;) 

Hudson was a little distracted by two of his "older" friends (3 year olds) playing on a different "team" on the other side of the field... so Coach Matt was extremely supportive and let Hudson play with the 3-year-olds for a couple of minutes. ;)

This picture makes me laugh... there were actually several "moments" that made me laugh! :) I think the boy next to Hudson is almost 5 years old...which is hysterical that Hudson is so drawn to older kids?!?!

By this time Hudson had drifted back with the 2-year olds... they were all having fun racing their soccer balls down the hill... I think Hudson beat his soccer ball!!! ;)

Toward the end of practice {on Thursday} Hudson was really enjoying the big goal, along w/ one of his little "team-mates" :)

Here we are to Saturday (today) and even though I don't have as many pictures... I personally think today was a little more successful for all the 2-year-olds! ;) We're with a little league that is sponsored through our local JAG's fairly well-organized but basically run by the parents so Brad really stepped in today and helped with the corralling and "practice" (aka- fun ways to teach the game of soccer to 2-year-olds;).

Hudson did not want ANYone getting his soccer ball...especially when he kicked it into the goal! Yes, our current "hurdle" is sharing!!  As I think 90% of two-year old parents would agree?! ;)

I think it was as successful of a soccer day as it could be! ;)
Now...I'm currently enjoying a beautiful sunny day, watching my team (Auburn) play MSU while my little man really is a GREAT Saturday!!! :) Gotta L-O-V-E college football!!! WAR EAGLE!!! ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MORE from our Pennsylvania trip...

Okay, so I only saved three pictures of the many that Carol emailed me...bummer! I really thought I saved the cute group picture of all of us?!?
 Anyhow, this is baby Tommy (4 1/2 months).  He and Patrick make a great team! ;) I can see these two being the best of friends as they get older!! ;)
Family picture at "Idle Wild"... ;)

We were just about to enter "Story Book Land" was a fun day with GREAT company!!! :)
Thanks again, Pohl's.. we had a great time and are hoping to make year THREE (of our annual trip) next year!! ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of 2-year-old Pre-school!

That's RIGHT... today was Hudson's first day of 2 year-old Pre-school!  He along with the other 13 kids in his class did FANTASTIC... we've been talking about his new teachers (Miss Pat and Miss Jill) for awhile, so he was ready for his new class! ;)

Hudson is proudly wearing his NEW shoes that we just bought yesterday...I really need to start documenting the issues this kid has with SHOES!  The only shoes he'd wear all summer were his CROCS (he's already on his third pair because they have fallen apart...literally!) and he needed better "school" I convinced him that Miss Pat and Miss Jill gave me "special instructions" on the type of shoe he could wear to he calls these his "running shoes" and is willing to wear them only to show-off his fast SPEED!! ;)  But I know the day will come where he will pitch a F-I-T for his CROCS or boots (praise the Lord Fall/Winter are just around the corner!;)

RAIN is on our 7-day forecast...but it is bringing cooler temps which I LOVE!! ;)

Hudson was pretty much done with pictures at this point! ;)

I know you can't tell...but Hudson was ALL SMILES when I picked him up!  This is Miss Pat (Miss Jill was talking with other classroom parents).  An "interesting"-fact about Miss Pat..she had 2 out of her 3 children at Virginia Tech in the Engineer building when that AWFUL shooting spree happened a few years back!  Can you imagine??  She said it was "hands-down" the longest period of waiting before she got the call from her 2 boys saying they were SAFE...I seriously got tears in my eyes the first time she told me her story!!  That has to be a mom's greatest FEAR!!! :(
On a happier note.. Hudson had a great first day and is already asking "Where did Miss Pat and Miss Jill go?" ;) 

Pennsylvania with the Pohl's ;)

I hope ya'll remember our good friends, Carol and Tom Pohl (Carol and I were pregnant at the exact same time...and lived directly across the street from one another in Mississippi).  I'm sure you can imagine all the fun we had discussing our cravings, the "yucky" preggo stuff, books we were reading to prepare us for motherhood, and just sharing our experience together! ;) Hudson (May 26, 2009) and Patrick (May 29, 2009)

This time we met the Pohl's (Tom, Carol, Patrick and newest Tommy) at Tom's parents ski condo.  It was an hour closer for us AND a very short drive from "Idle Wild" Kid's amusement park where we spent ALL day Saturday!!  Minus the blazing HEAT we had a FABULOUS time and are thankful we got to join the Pohl's on their annual Idle Wild park visit!!! ;)

Hudson wasn't crazy about some of the rides...but he DID seem to love the Tea Cups! ;)

Lovin' the pony ride! Carol emailed me some fantastic pictures...some group pics and some good family pics but sadly I saved them to Brad's computer...I'll post them later (when he gets home!;).

Hudson REALLY loved the train ride around the amusement did Momma!!! We actually stayed on for a couple of "rounds" and I took a little 5min cat-nap on Brad's shoulder..the walking and HEAT really did me in but the nap seemed to HELP!!! ;)

One of our favorite parts was the Storybook basically walk through all the nursery rhymes and Hudson has ALWAYS loved nursery rhymes!! ;)

Carol is always so sweet and thoughtful...not only did she have a homemade chicken pot-pie waiting in the oven when we arrived on Friday...she also gave Hudson his very own {toy} shaving kit which he LOVES!! ;)
We sure are thankful for the Pohl's and hope to keep our annual trip a tradition...I'll be sure to post more pictures from our trip!  That sweet baby Tommy (4 1/2 months) is too adorable not the show-off!! ;)