Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cul-de-sac "Good-bye" party! :(

Hudson is still loving the diving board and he works daily on his DIVE...

I know I'm his momma but he's doing so well with his swimming... we're amazed at his ability to swim at age three. ;)  He's having some fantastic {private} swim lessons this week...he is stroke swimming a little farther each day all by himself.  We are very proud! ;)

It seems our "good-bye's" have begun... it's going to be very sad to leave this precious group of boys!

Hudson is crazy about his sweet, neighbor friends Jebby, Will, Gavin and Carson...we feel so blessed and fortunate to have all these boys and their parents as our neighbors {in the cul-de-sac}! I know Hudson will ask very soon after we move...
 "I want to go to Will's house!" :(

Along with the special evening with our good friends/neighbors... my cousin, Maura and her boyfriend, John drove down for the day from Maryland.  Such a great time... I'm so happy Maura was able to meet Mary Bradford! :)

We will greatly miss living close to my dad's side of the family (uncle, aunt, cousins live in Maryland;).

FUN times... thank y'all so much for coming!!! I'm so happy we were finally able to meet John! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Look who is 3 MONTHS old today...

That's right... Mary Bradford is 3 MONTHS old today (June 21).  I'm beginning to feel a little guilty of my lack of blogging about our sweet baby, so here goes... 

Mary Bradford is smiling all the time and totally observing each of us...she's very entertained by her big brother but also a little "skeptical" of his silly, crazy {boy} noises he makes at her.  She also loves peek-a-boo, patty-cake, and "if you're happy and you know it" {just to name a few!;)}

It's a little difficult not to compare...Hudson was rolling over at 9 weeks and consistantly by 12 weeks.  Mary Bradford loves kicking her little feet and coo-ing like crazy but she isn't rolling...and we're not complaining! ;)

As of last week she began sleeping through the night {it was tough to get her past that 4am "hump"} fact, I feel a little guilty sharing this but I do give ALL the PRAISE to the Lord {I truly believe every good thing is from above!!!}...Mary Bradford slept 9pm until 8:30AM Wednesday morning.  She woke up around 5:30am..I went in re-swaddled her {her eyes were still closed}...and she stayed asleep until 8:30AM!  I really do praise the LORD... she's certainly not going to make a habit of that but it was certainly a reason to give God so much glory!!! ;)

Along with coo-ing, kicking, grabbing, loving tummy-time, etc... she's such a sweet little baby girl that has brought our family so much extra joy and love!!! ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains (Part 2)...

Our hiking trip was also in honor of Father's day...

I could go on and on about how amazing this daddy is but if you know Brad, you already know his "awesome-ness".. ;)

We did take a little 20min "break" to let Hudson throw rocks in the water {one of his very favorite things!}, feed Mary Bradford, and give her a little time to stretch from being in the Beco carrier {one of the BEST investments for a baby product!!!}. :)

Love this little boy!

Enjoyed seeing horses along the trails.

I was hoping Hudson wouldn't see me taking this picture... I absolutely adore how much he wants to be like his daddy.  If Brad does it, wears it, owns it, plays it, sings it, etc.. anything Brad "is"...Hudson wants in...and I love that!  What a special daddy/son relationship these two have! :)

We were pooped... ALL of us!!! ;)

More Father's day fun to have.. not only did Brad get breakfast {and coffee} in bed TWO {yes, 2} mornings in a row..both mornings before either babe was awake.. I'm also making homemade shrimp fettucine alfredo for dinner tonight.  YUMMY!!! :)
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing daddy's out there!!! :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains... (part 1)

Like I've told many people... we're trying to squeeze in as many of our favorite things about Charlottesville AND Virginia as possible...

Hiking these trails has certainly become one of our favorite things to do as a family. :)

Hudson {surprisingly} enjoys riding in the back-pack... however, about 15 minutes in to it he asks to get down so he can collect rocks to throw in the water. ;)

This boy loves the outdoors... just like his daddy! ;)

We have several more pictures.. these were all taken with Brad's iphone.  We did about a 5mile hike was good proof of how out of shape I am but I still enjoyed it and never slowed down. ;) TAKE THAT you-last-10lbs-of-preggo-weight!!! ;)
More pictures coming SOON! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A lot is going on in the Brown house...

Well, this is what our house is beginning to look like...  and this is where we're headed...

God has taken us on great adventures...and we look forward to many more.  There are so many emotions I {we} feel... nervous, sad (to leave Charlottesville, VA), anxious (what's to come?), excitement (adventures are exciting!;), etc... but we worship and serve a FAITHful God and that is where we find peace. ;)
This is what we hope to do before the summer ends...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lovin' the Diving Board

This is just another picture from our trip to Georgia over Memorial Day weekend {and for Hudson's birthday}... I absolutely love being on the lake at sunset!  There's somethin' special about those Georgia Mountains! ;)

Our sweet baby Mary Bradford...she sleeps like this 99% of time. Love it! ;)

I've had some of these pictures for awhile but as you can see Hudson is loving the diving board this year!

He's wanted to jump off since he was crawling.  I totally get a boy's need for adventure but I also think there need to be boundaries and a few limitations.  Last Summer we told Hudson as soon as he turned THREE we'd let him "go for it"...

{I had to get a picture of Brad doing his back flip...this man can do some crazy cool things off a diving board!  You should see his spin-back flip! ;) }

As you can tell... Hudson didn't let us forget our promise.  There are lots of fun things we've promised at age THREE...let the adventures begin!! ;)

Rain or shine..this kid loves the water! :)