Sunday, December 30, 2012

T'was the morning AND night BEFORE Christmas...

This Christmas EVE was definitely different.  For the past three years we've had a revolving door of grandparents visiting us in Charlottesville (VA) would start around the 16th of December and end around December 30th.  It was always a special time...visiting live nativities, walking downtown, looking at Christmas lights, shopping, playing at the local parks, etc.. but now we live in much closer driving distance to family.  My parents arrived around lunch time on Christmas EVE... so I wanted to do some kind of "traditional" thing Christmas EVE morning. 

A pancake buffet breakfast!! This is our friend, Whit's plate... I'll have you know Whit told us these were the BEST pancakes he had eaten in all of 2012.  ;) THANKS, Whit! He even "tweeted" about it.. haha! ;)  

This is a bad picture but we had crushed pecans, fresh strawberries, bananas AND the most popular item on the "buffet" homemade WHIP CREAM!!! ;) We also had sausage, scrambled eggs and mimosa's! ;) YUMMY!!

We always enjoy my parents being with us at Christmas... we attended our candlelight Christmas Eve service, drove around and looked at some beautiful and very impressive Christmas lights {Graddy family Christmas lights}, Dee and Hudson watched Polar Express (a new favorite of Hudson's;)...

We left Santa his snack, read The Night Before Christmas and put Hudson to bed.  He literally asked to go to bed so that Santa could come to his house... he was so excited! :)

That's right.. this is his gift from Mommy and Daddy... the poem reads..
"It's Christmas at Disney with
Mickie & Minnie
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
You will see everyone
You've read about in your book!!!" ;)
Brad has his annual Corporate meeting in Orlando and we've been saying for years we want to go a few days before to take Hudson... he is THRILLED to say the least!!! ;) He loves his Disney books.. he can't wait to meet Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Belle and the Beast, etc.. we leave on Thursday!!! ;) It will be a short trip, Hudson and I will fly back and leave Brad for the week in Orlando. 
My parents are amazing and willing to keep MB for us... we can't wait to go back in another couple of years when MaryBradford is a little older! :) :)

Stay tuned for another Christmas (day) post to see what Santa brought!!! ;) ;)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

T'was the DAY(s) before Christmas...

A little reindeer sandwich (a sweet tradition from my childhood...just another reason my momma is so special!;).  Hudson loved eating the cherry nose. ;)

I was so excited to host Brad's family for Christmas...they came the Sunday (Dec 23rd) before Christmas.

I loved having the Advent wreath this special to teach Hudson the season of Advent.
(By the way...I'm thrilled we get to paint these walls!  A big project coming in the NEW year!;)

Our Christmas card display... We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful families in our lives! ;)

Cookie decorating after lunch and the "infamous" golf cart ride (Hudson and Mallory fell off on the grass...THANKfully no one was hurt but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a wee-bit frustrated with Brad;).  Moving right along...

Wii Just Dance for Kids kept these three entertained for at least an hour+... I think Mallory got up to 21K+ points?!
People, I have never surpassed 15K say I was a little competitive that a 7 year old had beat me would be an under statement. ;) ;) 

"Going on a bear hunt" is one of Hudson's favorites!  I think this is where they say "I see two eyes..." ;) {love it!}

Exchanging presents...

Nana gave MaryBradford her first Alexander doll. ;)

MB must have cackled for 5 minutes.. she's such a happy baby girl! ;)

Granddaddy gave Hudson his very own horse-riding helmet {along with some other wonderful and very generous gifts}! ;)

MaryBradford in her sweet hat that Aunt Teresa and Uncle Michael (Brad's aunt/uncle) gave her. :)
THANK YOU Nana, Granddaddy, Aunt Christy, Michael and Teresa for all your very thoughtful and generous gifts... our children are truly blessed!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrating Jesus!

Last Wednesday (Dec 19) Hudson's preschool had their annual Christmas program... I hope you can see Hudson (this picture is a little dark).

Hudson was perfect!   He loves music... singing, playing instruments, dancing...anything with music! ;)
{I'm about to boast.. you've been warned...}
*His teachers told us they put him in the middle/center because he is the best singer/performer!* ;)
We are so proud of our little man! ;)

The music teacher adores Hudson and he adores her... she was so proud of him! ;)

After the program his class had a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" they are saying the blessing.  Music to our ears, so precious... this will never get old! ;)

For the Birthday boy... it was so sweet and special to hear all those precious voices singing "Happy Birthday" to their Savior! ;)
 Oh sweet Jesus I love you!!! :)

Yummy cake and snacks!

H-man, we are so in love with you... you are a firecracker with great love, determination and passion and we are thankful!  You were an A+++++ little singer at your Christmas program and you had a mommy and daddy and four grandparents that could not have been any prouder!

More Christmas posts coming SOON! ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Celebrating the Season... ;)

I hosted a little Cookie and Craft night with some {local} friends last week...

Look at my wreath! {I had a little help but I was proud considering I'm not very "artsy"!;)}
{We also attended a fun "tacky Christmas sweater" party but all the pictures are on Brad's iphone}

What would Christmas be without "Breakfast with Santa"?? It certainly wasn't Boar's Head and we missed our sweet Charlottesville family/friends...but the Callanwolde home was a fun experience.

I love this picture...

and this one, too! ;)

We loved touring the home... so much detail, design and beauty!

This was a small "fraction" of the nursery...yes, nursery. ;)

Beautiful Callanwolde house

My brother and his family are taking a nice, much-deserved trip to the Mountains over the Christmas holiday so we had our Christmas visit with him a little early at my parents place. 
Cousin Cameron loved following Hudson and "examining" MaryBradford... so much fun! ;)

LOOK what Uncle John gave Hudson! His first bow and arrow!

And MaryBradford got some much-needed long-sleeve onesies! THANKS Uncle John, Aunt Rebecca and Cameron..we had a great {early} Christmas visit!!! :)
Stay tuned for pictures from Hudson's Pre-school Christmas program...he was the talk of the show with his performance!!! ;)
{Also, in case you're wondering... one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much lately is due to the fact that I now have to re-size all my pictures before the blog will post's a tedious added extra 20-30mins to re-size, save in a file and post but I'll keep at it only b/c I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!;) }

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at the Governors Mansion...

This past Saturday I met my mom and her friends at the Governor's mansion.  My mom volunteers regularly and this particular Saturday the volunteers were allowed to invite their children, husbands, etc to come along and help with the Christmas tours.  It was a fun experience and I'm so thankful I was able to share it with my mom! ;)

As you can tell by the's decorated with such detail for Christmas.

The 20+ ladies, volunteers, husbands, etc all met at the Atlanta Fish Market for lunch after we helped with the Christmas tour(s).  This appetizer platter was compliments of the Chef...that's right, my mom really knows how to work her magic! ;) {She and her friends also know the chef from other events!;)}
I can't wait to take Brad...some of the most incredible food I've had, very pleasing to the palate! ;)
{A BIG Thank you to Brad's dad for coming for the day to help with MaryBradford!  Hudson had two birthday party's to attend and without Granddaddy's help I'm not sure it would've worked out for me to go or for Hudson to attend the party's.  THANK YOU, Mr. Brown!!!} :)

I already made a batch of Christmas cookies...each night after dinner we decorate with icing and sprinkles.  The cookies were made using a gluten-free/dairy-free recipe so I'm hoping my waist-line won't change?! 
Here's to wishful thinking! ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas fun...

This past Saturday was our town's annual Christmas parade and "Light up Senoia" event. 

I can't explain it but down here in the south we people like to make a big deal out of things like little girl's baton (sp?) twirling.  This was the age 5-6 year olds...there were 2/3's all the way up to age 13/14... fun to watch but I won't be banging down the doors to sign up MaryBradford! ;)

Pony rides..

 Brad got the whole parade on his iphone...the crowd was at the other end where the beautiful Christmas tree was lit up.  It's a cute little historic town with some great local shops, restaurants, antiques, coffee shop, etc... ;)

Hudson's church preschool {the actual church event} held their annual Christmas with Santa event...all kinds of crafts, movie/popcorn, etc.. while you wait to have your picture taken with Santa.  We arrived about 15mins "late" and were given the number 162...they were on number 39!!!  It seemed like each child/family was given 5mins or more with Santa...needless to say we did NOT get our picture taken with Santa!  No worries, we've already done it once and we've got several other Santa "events" coming soon! ;)

We had no idea it would be as crowded as it was!

This is clearly why our little monkey wants a Trampoline for Christmas!! {No, we do not "let" him do crazy stunts on our furniture!} ;)

Great news... Brad caught the squirrel!  That little booger had out smarted the trap so Brad had to take matters in to his own jumped on/off Brad at least 3 times.. it was hysterical to listen through the door! haha!
I think my husband needs to join the cast of Duck Dynasty!!! ;)