Friday, December 31, 2010

Fussell Family FUN at Christmas!!! :)

I could write several posts on "Fussell Family Fun" family is full of wacky, awkward and very entertaining memories/stories!! ;) But I want to begin w/ letting you know how AMAZING and adventurous my parents are...they drove on Christmas DAY 538 (Brad and I googled it) MILES in the SNOW to arrive on the actual "Christmas DAY"!!  I couldn't believe it... the sad thing is NOTHING was open so they literally left my brother/sister-in-law's house with a wonderful breakfast and had nothing else to eat (on Christmas DAY) except maybe a pack of crackers!! No worries... we fed them WELL when they arrived at 8pm!!! We even had a glass of WINE and Eggnog PUNCH waiting on them!!! ;) ;) I was extremely proud of my parents and especially my DAD for not giving up and "trucking" his way in the SNOW to Charlottesville, VA ("over the river and through the woods"....)!!!!  Thanks MOM and're AWESOME!!!! :) I LOVE YOU!! xoxo

I didn't take many pictures during their visit...but we had a GREAT time!!! I even took my parents to lunch at "The Virginian" (well, my dad paid ;) while Brad stayed w/ Hudson during his nap...then we "browsed" around C'ville! It was an extremely enjoyable visit... :) top it off my family (aunt/uncle/cousins) from Maryland came down for the day to celebrate Christmas (on Dec. 29)...we had SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

These are my cousins Maura and Ashley...Hudson loved them and all the attention!!! :) We had a GREAT time and I think Hudson is "detoxing" from all the Christmas FUN!! haha! We literally had a "revolving door" of company/grandparents visiting Dec. 18-Dec.30...we had a BLAST!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A perfect, intimate, joyful, "Happy b-day JESUS", MERRY Christmas DAY!!!! :)

You can probably imagine all the DOZENS of pictures I have taken throughout the month of December but especially on Christmas EVE and Christmas DAY!  I had to be selective w/ the pictures I posted...otherwise you'd become a little bored by the time you scrolled to the end! ;) We had an amazing Christmas EVE celebrating w/ good friends at our house and ALL going to the EVE service at our church (which was one of the BEST Christmas EVE was beautiful!!). This first picture is one of my favorites...after "Santa" had come I wanted to take some pictures...this one just seems "magical" to me!! ;)

 Here is the Fire Station tent and "mini" race track Santa brought Hudson (this was still Christmas Eve).

Hudson was TOTALLY in to Christmas...he even woke up extra EARLY w/ all the talk of Santa and Christmas DAY!! (We have an adorable video I'll try and post sometime SOON!!).

We LOVE this rocking horse...Santa found it in an antique store! He got a "killer deal" for it...and the great thing is.. it's large, sturdy, and he can use til he's probably FIVE!! ;) Oh yeah... and Santa left Hudson his wooden train whistle in his stocking! ;)

Mommy and Daddy gave Hudson some really cool things but I love this picture....

Hudson is SO PROUD of his John Deere BOOTS...and YES, "boot" was one of his first 5 words! :)

I hope you've gotten a chance to read my previous post about Hudson going "poop and tee-tee" in his potty on Dec. 26th (19 months old to the DAY)!!

Hudson ran as fast as he could to take his potty to the bathroom...he is REALLY proud of that potty!!! I'm hoping it pays off in the NEAR far we are soooo pleased and VERY PROUD of our little man!! ;)

Hudson LOVES the microwave that Aunt Christy, Mallory and Jackson sent him!! He always calls the microwave his "beep, beep"... :)

And LOOK at this AMAZING table my mom/dad (bee and dee) had made for Hudson!!! Can you believe it...Hudson LOVES it and so do momma and daddy!!! My mom had it hand made, painted, etc... it's BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

Here is a larger image of the Fire Station tent that Santa brought Hudson...the ends are like a garage that zip and roll up and the windows roll up as well!!  Hudson loves it and so do we!! ;) I hope ya'll had a VERY Merry Christmas like we did... the day was perfect and intimate and I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate w/ our sweet little family and start our own traditions!!! It was precious... and I hope ya'll continue to keep the spirit of Christmas ALIVE all year (it's a 2011 goal of mine)!! Christ was BORN... JOY to the WORLD, the LORD has come...LET EARTH receive her KING!!!! ;) I'm sooo thankful for my SAVIOR!!! ;) :)

We interrupt this program...

To tell you of our latest and greatest accomplishment.... TODAY (Dec. 26) Hudson is 19 Months to the DAY and GUESS WHAT he did???!!!  He pooped AND tee-teed on his NEW potty!!!!!! Can you BELIEVE it?!!!! I'm sorry if I am appearing as an "overly" boast-ful momma but Brad and I are soooo proud!!! And Bee and Dee are here to witness it TOO!  This picture was taken on Christmas DAY after Hudson opened his NEW potty (I didn't think it would be appropriate to post a picture of the actual "deed"..haha)... he has been showing ALOT of interest in the "potty", bathroom, telling us when he's "gone", etc... so I (we) decided it's time to give him is own potty!!  Please know we do not have high expectations that this will be a consistant/continual habit anytime soon but we are THRILLED and soooo excited for our 19 MONTH old!!!! ;)
***Christmas post with pictures/festivities coming SOON!!! :) ***

Christmas visit with Granddaddy...

The same flight Nana left on... Granddaddy (Brad's dad) arrived on.   He was here until Christmas EVE...we have thoroughly enjoyed the fun grandparent "visits"!! ;) Here are some highlights while Granddaddy was here...

He took US (Hudson) to "Bounce n' Play"...we love BnP but it's always a treat when Granddaddy takes us!! ;) I think daddy had as much fun (if not more) as Hudson... haha!! ;) 

Granddaddy gave Hudson a PlasmaCar...and a membership/sessions to "The Little Gym"!! We are SO excited!! ;) 

For some reason our active little boy insists on standing... we can't turn our back for a second!! ;)

Granddaddy and Hudson on Christmas EVE morning...

We had such a FUN Christmas visit with Granddaddy... I'll be sure and post pictures of our sweet and very "intimate" Christmas morning!! We had such a fantastic day... my parents (Bee and Dee) arrived late Christmas night!! The "revolving door" never ends during the holidays but we are sooo thankful for such wonderful grandparents that LOVE our little Hudson!!! ;) ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas with NANA!! :)

Brad's mom (Nana) flew in this past weekend for her "Christmas visit"! We had such a GREAT time... we celebrated Christmas on Monday morning!  Hudson had a TON of fun opening his presents (and helping Momma, Daddy, and Nana open theirs).

Nana gave him at least 2 dozen hot wheel/race cars... I think Santa may be bringing him a "mini" race car track but we'll just have to wait until Christmas to find out?!! ;) And LOOK what else Nana gave Hudson...

I could seriously watch Hudson ALL day at this kitchen... it's just the cutest thing to me! I love to see him (and toddlers/children in general) in "imaginary"'s just the sweetest THING!! ;)

Hudson made us coffee...and himself some too! ;)

I'm telling you... this little boy was really getting in to the "act" of unwrapping presents! haha! :) (here he is helping daddy)

Hudson and Nana... THANK YOU Nana for such a great visit!! A Merry Christmas "visit" was had by all... :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the SEASON...

For Christmas parties and Gingerbread houses! ;)  Our sweet friends Lina and Matt hosted our Lifegroup (from church) Christmas party!  Lina totally out did herself with these delicious cranberry cocktails...I had to take a picture! They were so festive! ;)

Our friend Michele (far right) provided all the "fixings" for our Gingerbread houses...she actually baked the houses from scratch..WOW!?!  I brought candy (for the houses) and made my "beef rice"..YUM! :)

Everyone getting into the "sport" of building and decorating!

Hudson and Jack... Hudson said "cheese"! ;)

Brad literally pulled into the party from a duck hunting trip... nice camo!? ;)

Hudson was trying desperately to get to the house and eat all the candy... he stole a few m&m's but as you can tell he did not want mommy taking away his "will-power"! ;) Also...we went with the theme "it looks like a 5 year old did it"...haha!! ;) A FUN time was had by ALL!!! ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

signs of winter...

Yes, it appears the winter weather has started everywhere!  I took this first picture several nights ago.. Hudson has a real "fetish" with mommy's shoes! Especially the tennis shoes and bright/colorful flats! ;)

While daddy was away on a hunting trip...Hudson and I weathered the first winter snow!

I've always disliked wearing a coat...they're bulky, inconvenient going in and out of places..even the car, you feel like the pillsbury dough boy, it's one more thing to keep up with, etc... and it seems our son feels the same way!! haha!! ;)

Pretty picture.. "it's beginning to look alot like Christmas..." :) :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The HoMeStEaD!!

Well, just like the Brown's couldn't get enough of the pumpkin patches in the FALL... it seems we can't do enough of "decking the halls" this Christmas!! ;)  We went to the Homestead for a quick one-night stay.

Notice the tree and lobby in the background... it was beautiful!

Our little rascal... notice his feet propped on the desk! He is our little "stinker".. ;)

This picture cracks me was literally a high of 16 degrees but with the wind-chill it felt like -6!!! We had Hudson in at least FOUR layers of clothing!! haha! :)

Notice we are the only ones on the Hayride... everyone else canceled due to the FREEZING weather! But my sweet husband would not relent...he was "forcing" a family memory in the -6 degree weather... haha!! :) (Seriously, it was the COLDEST I have been in a VERY LONG time!!!!)

We took advantage of the babysitting service at the Homestead and had a nice date at Sam Stead's Tavern...always a wonderful treat!  No worries, we used the same sweet lady as last year... Peggy!  She and Hudson had a GREAT time!!! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with SANTA!!!

WOW... I am on a "Christmas High" after having "breakfast with Santa" at Boar's Head Inn!! Everything about the morning was perfect and soooo much FUN!!! ;) Here Hudson is looking at Santa from "afar"

Hudson is not too sure about Santa...

A family picture w/ Santa and Mrs. Claus (sorry for the blurry image)

Hudson was LOVIN' the Nutcracker!

Running to his good buddy, Jack!

Our table (minus the mom's and kids) ;)

Jack, Maddie and Hudson...too cute! ;)

Enjoying a Christmas cookie (icing and all)

It was a delicious breakfast buffet!

Warming up to's amazing what a candy cane will do for a kid!! ;)

Carriage ride after breakfast...Hudson was desperately wanting to SEE the horses!! :)

It was a perfect morning...great friends, delicious food, SANTA and a carriage ride!! What could be better?!? ;)