Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hudson turned THREE!!!!! :)

I can't believe we officially have a THREE year old!  We've had a fabulous birthday and holiday weekend! A birthday tradition... starting the morning with a birthday muffin and candle..this year Hudson asked for a strawberry muffin! ;)

Hudson asked several months ago {I think well before Christmas;)} for a dolphin birthday party...this kid is seriously a fish! He loves the water...he could hardly wait to make the first splash at his own party...forget the cake and presents! ;)
*Notice the dolphin balloon...I was so excited to find it!! :)

Dolphin birthday cake...it was a pull-apart cupcake-cake...with about an inch thick of icing.  I was so happy with the way it turned out... and Hudson was very proud! ;)
Just so you know how much Hudson loves dolphins...he asked us to record the SeaWorld commercial...we'll probably plan a trip down there for one of his birthdays! ;)

This kid is a pro at blowing out candles... he had been practicing for awhile {seriously!}. ;)

Jackson, Mallory and Hudson... cousin love!  I'll have to post a picture of my adorable niece, Cameron...who is WALKING at 9months!!! :)

Hudson received some wonderful birthday presents...so kind of everyone!!  Thanks "Aunt" Katie for my Cars race track!!! ;)

Sunset boat ride with Dee on Memorial day!!  Hudson loved the Memorial day celebrations. ;)

So thankful to all who have served this amazing country...LOVE the red, white and blue!! :)

In case you are wondering...YES, Mary Bradford is with us..she slept through most of Hudson's birthday party but she's loving her first visit at Bee and Dee's!! ;) {Thanks Michele for the adorable onesie!!!;)}

And...this is what we've been "enjoying" for the past couple of days... Hudson asked us for a "piano" {aka-bigger keyboard} and microphone for his birthday... we're actually thinking this kid might have a future in entertaining OR music?! We shall see?? ;)
Hope you all had a very HAPPY Memorial day and weekend!  We sure did!!! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me and my babes :)

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. ;)

Hudson really does adore his baby sister...or maybe it's the idea that he has his "own" baby like all his friends do. ;)

Mary Bradford will be 2months old tomorrow (May 21)... and her big brother will be turning THREE this Saturday, May 26th!!!
Already went to grocery for the snacks on the long car ride home {to Georgia}...downloaded some movies for Hudson on to the iPad...and I've started my list of things to pack...let's pray it's a successful roadtrip!! ;)
We leave Thursday! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catchin' up with some pictures...

Just some more pictures from our strawberry pickin'..

Hudson really enjoys all the "do it yourself" pickin' around here...apples, peaches, strawberry's, even pumpkins... he loves it! ;)

Brad stocked our frig and freezer full of strawberries... oh yeah, and Brad plans to make homemade "jam" sometime soon! I've even caught him watching a youtube video {the secret's out babe!;)} of a chef/professional cook making homemade strawberry jam... Brad is always coming up w/ crazy and new "hobbies"! ;)

Mary Bradford at "Friday's at Five" last Friday night... she really is a great "go with the flow" baby.  My heart is so FULL... love her like crazy!

And this one too...Oh my he is a crazy kid with some serious determination and "will-power"...but this kid stole my heart from the very first heart-beat. :)

Hudson loves hula-hoops...and while he hasn't mastered the skill he is well on his way to being a serious hula-"hooper"... {I guess this is where the determination is a good thing} ;)

Friday's at Five downtown was seriously crowded last week... it must be everyone's excitement for warmer weather and summer lovin'!! ;)

No doubt this kid loves his daddy. :)

Brad using his grillin' skills on mother's day...
Cup of beans deddy.
Cup of beans.
Love you, Jessamie!!! ;) That just never gets old! hahaha!!

Brad always asks me to take a picture of the food "spread" as he calls it...we had chips, veggies, and cookies too.  Clearly we lived in Mississippi...always taking delight in the food we've made and served! haha! ;)

What would childhood be...

without BUBBLES. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birth announcement, invitations and a little bit of "pickin"...

I've been meaning to post some pictures of Mary Bradford's birth announcement... honestly I feel a little guilty because I ordered a small number...just enough to send to some family, long distant friends, etc...
I'm just so thankful our amazing C'ville friends are able to see Mary Bradford and be a part of our adventure in parenting... :)
Funny story about the birth certificate "lady"...when she came in to the hospital room to confirm everything was correct she asked... "you sure you don't got no other names you wanna add"... it made me laugh so hard my abs (what little I have left) hurt!! ;) Just in case she hates her 12 letter name as she gets older...she'll have a couple to choose from! haha!! ;)
We are getting awfully excited around here about an upcoming birthday... Hudson will be having his family birthday party back in Georgia on his actual birthday! We can't wait to see family, cousins and sweet dear friends! :)
Just two of the many pictures we took while strawberry pickin' this past Saturday (at Chiles Orchard in Crozet;)...we met our friends Hank, Anna and sweet little Henry.  The strawberries were perfectly delicious...oh yeah, and did I mention the scrumptious and fresh strawberry donuts...umm can I order a dozen, please?! ;)
Little Miss Mary Bradford chillin' in the baby bjorn.  I can hardly wait til she can fit in the Ergo carrier (our friends loaned us;) and the Beco carrier (basically my Christmas present this past year;)...I'm fairly certain she has to be around 15lbs.  Those carriers are MUCH better on the back than the baby bjorn (in case you're in the market!;).

I skipped Friday nights pictures from "Fridays at 5"... more to come!
Oh yeah...yesterday was double the fun and celebration...not only was it MOTHER's day but it was also our 6th Anniversary! :) I know it may sound cliche' and a little cheesy but we both agree it gets better AND Better...EVERY year!!! :) {NOT meaning it's perfect...but just a TON of LOVE and FUN!!!!} :)
Happy Anniversary to my super awesome "baby daddy"... I could get all mushy on here but I'll keep it simple.  I'm honored to be your lady...and your "baby(s) momma"! ;)
More pictures coming SOON!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo weekend! :)

I know it may seem strange but I've always loved "celebrating" Cinco de Mayo...and I love it even more when it falls on a weekend!! :) Friday night Brad and I had a little date night... (we brought Mary Bradford along;)

She's pretty easy {to bring along} as you can see. ;) We love going to StoneFire Kitchen in Barboursville...so delicious and we love being able to eat outside, such a perfect evening. :)

Saturday morning we did a 2 mile fun Run/Walk in downtown C'ville for a little fundraiser for Hudson's pre-school...lots of fun and it's amazing how a little exercise can totally make your day {something I haven't had a lot of time for lately :(  }!

Enjoying a little mid-morning brunch in Crozet...

Me and Mary Bradford... Thanks Dad for my Master's hat!! ;)

I know she could change at any moment but she's a good little "go with the flow"...happy in her carseat kinda gal {for now}! ;)

Of course, I don't have one picture to show me drinking my margarita in honor of Cinco de Mayo... but I did and it.was.good.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday FUNday! ;)

Honestly, I had no other "title" to use on this post...but Monday can be a FUN day..right?! ;) These are some pictures I've been wanting to post from Brad's iphone (what seems to be our new camera;).  Hudson loves lovin' on Mary Bradford and I'm getting better about "letting" him...he's learning more and more how to interact with a newborn/infant.  We're very thankful for how proud he is of his baby sister! ;)

I've been trying to "dress-up" Mary Bradford lately...Brad calls me out all the time for using "him" and "he" when referring to our baby girl...even after 6weeks it's somewhat hard to believe we have a daughter especially since I thought she was another boy for 9months! ;)

A little smile... ;)

This little outfit came from our neighbors, Mary and Gary...thanks y'all!! ;)

This was priceless..over the weekend Hudson was helping Brad clean his car...Brad turned around to find Hudson doing this.  We're trying to work on when it's "appropriate" to use the bathroom outside...this boy has got "country {southern}" written all over him! ;)

p.s.~ I posted a cute video on Facebook of Hudson and two of his good buddy's singing "Jesus loves the little children"..I've had some issues trying to post videos on the blog so I thought I'd try facebook this time.