Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forgive me blog...

Dear Blog,
I've really neglected you... as in I just looked at you for the first time in MONTHS!!!! And I've also realized how behind I am on "following" my blog friends!!! WOW... kids are growing, new houses, new cars, people have moved... WOW, it's amazing what I've missed!!??

We had two successful birthdays and parties... MaryBradford turned ONE on March 21st and we had a sweet little family birthday party with the theme... "You are my Sunshine." ;)
*She started walking right around 13 months.
* She just the sweetest baby girl.. she'll stop what she's doing and just hug or kiss me...very affectionate and tender-hearted! ;) She is however starting to show her "sassy" and determined side (she's Brown...or should I say "Fussell"...determination and stubbornness runs in the DNA!;).

Hudson turned FOUR on May 26th... we had his HORSE RIDING Birthday party... something he had asked for since September!!! The weather was awful the day of his party and Hudson said the sweetest, most sincere prayer asking God to protect the horses and please "part the skies" so we could have his party...and OF COURSE God answered.. FAITH.Like.a.CHILD!!!!! ;)  It was fun party and perfect for Hudson! ;) *Pictures are on Facebook!
*Hudson is swimming better than ever... consistently swimming (stroke swimming, face in the water, kicking his legs...real deal swimming;) the width of our neighborhood pool by himself.  I'm amazed at what a FISH he is!!! He tells us he'll be swimming the length of the pool soon (we shall see;).  However, I can't seem to get him interested in riding his bike to save my life?! Go figure?! ;)
I'm absolutely LOVING age 4... I'm sure just like every age it will present it's challenges but it's such a fun age!!! ;)

I know a post is not nearly as enjoyable without pictures... I'll hopefully stay motivated and get the pictures up and running...

I'm enjoying Instagram (with the iphone.. quick and easy!;) and I try to post some every so often to Facebook as well (again, convenience!;).

Oh yeah, We're moving... AGAIN!?!
More on that later... see ya soon Blog world!!! ;)