Monday, November 28, 2011

A little bit of THANKSGIVING!!!

First, I want to show Hudson's latest interest...picking out his own clothes {I don't always let him...but some days it's not worth the battle}! But at least he loves his NYC t-shirt I bought him...even if he does look like mustard and ketchup! ;)

And...he decided to wear his Tiger costume I bought him for Halloween...thankfully my neighbor loaned us the puppy dog costume that her son wore last year.  Hopefully, this Tiger costume will be good for "dress-up" on a rainy day! ;) we are to Thanksgiving day.  It was a tough decision but we decided to stay put this year and not deal with the awful traffic on Wednesday and Sunday (before and after Thanksgiving...2 of the WORST travel days of the year!).  No matter which way you go...29, 64, 77, 81 and 85 were bound to have bumper-to-bumper traffic and it's just NO fun...especially with a 2 1/2 year old!!  Not to mention, it took us about 14hours last year just to get back to Virginia!

We honestly had a super "chill", relaxing, stay in your pj's longer kinda holiday...and it was awesome!!  Even though we missed our family!! :(

With the beautiful weather we went on a nice walk, stopped at the park and just enjoyed the great outdoors! ;)

Our sweet friend, Lina invited us to their Thanksgiving was nice being surrounded by great friends and their wonderful family!! ;) I made my mom's delicious apple/cranberry casserole, green bean casserole, rolls and my first-ever homemade PECAN PIE...YUM!!  I think the pie may officially become a holiday tradition!! ;) And of course, everything at Lina's was AMAZING!!! :)

Little 15 month old, Gianna pushing Hudson all over the house...they were having a blast!! ;)

Lina and I...and Brad in the background! ;)
We were extra lazy this year...we loved sleeping in, staying in our pj's, watching the Thanksgiving day parade, baking/cooking, consuming too many calories, decorating for Christmas early (pictures to come), accomplishing a few house projects (alot more to do before MARCH!;), a visit to IKEA and Hobby Lobby, oh yeah...did I mention being LAZY!!?? ;)
We missed our family and it was hard being away from my momma being that it's her favorite holiday but I know everyone was very understanding of our decision...we do love living in Virginia but I'm not gonna lie... I hope to live closer to family one day!! ;)
We hope ya'll had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sneak peek (Christmas 2011)!!

Since we live so far from family (10-12 hours..depending on the day of traveling;) I like to give a little "window"  in to what we've been up to.  We met a friend-of-a-friend this past Sunday after church to take some family's been way TOO long since we've had any made plus what better time than the holidays!?! ;)  Brad and I absolutely LOVED where she (Melissa-the photographer) had us meet was at a beautiful old house/farm in Crozet with lots of land and an old barn, stable, porch, etc... it was perfect for Hudson to run around!! ;)

I love how this turned out...Hudson likes to push our heads together to kiss, I love that Melissa was able to capture it with Hudson "peeking" through. ;) I didn't get to see a ton of the pictures but what I did see I LOVED...hopefully I'll be receiving them in the next week...and I may give another "sneak peek"! ;)
I hope you all have a very HAPPY Thanksgiving..I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post again very SOON! ;) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New York City 2011!!!!!!!!

Two weekends ago I went on a fabulous "girl's trip" to NYC with 3 of my very best friends from college!  I absolutely LOVE those girl's and to be in the "Big Apple" together was beyond amazing!!! ;)

We started our weekend toward Central Park...about a 2mile walk from our fabulous NEW YORKER Hotel.  Jessamie took care of the reservations...she's a great little planner! ;)

Oh yeah, and Jessamie has many talents..not only does she do some pretty cool things with redesigning unique furniture and decor she's also an excellent photographer! ;) I especially love this "belly shot" because she didn't get my back-side..and let's be honest I carry alot of my weight on my back-side!! ;) haha!! {This was me at 21 weeks!} I also love that she captured the beautiful fall foliage and city in the background...way to go, Jess!! ;)

Me, Jessamie and Katie in front of Rockefeller can see part of the Christmas tree in the background. 

And here we all are on Time this picture!! :)

We walked EVERYwhere...I would love to know how many miles we walked in 48 hours!? Here we are in front of the Statue of was a quick trip but we did it ALL!  Sight seeing, shopping, eating, walking, Subway, name it we DID it!!  We rocked that city in about 48 hours!! ;) I wish I could share all the funny stories and hilarious laughs we had...these girl's mean the world to me!! Love you, Ladies!! ;)

A BIG Thank You to Nana (Brad's mom) for flying up to VA to be with Brad and Hudson! ;) It made my trip even more enjoyable!! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011's what's for DINNER!!

Brad had a successful hunting trip this weekend...and I'm so proud of his bow hunting "skills" {Napolean Dynamite is right...girl's like guys with SKILLS!;)} haha!!

He's a pretty 10 pointer!  Brad was thrilled and it seems we'll have nice portion of venison in our deep freezer. ;)

Halloween pictures...

I honestly can't believe how FAST October came and went... it was a busy month and to think we're already a week in to November!?  Brad and I both agree 2011 has been one of the FASTEST years of our life...where does the time go?! Seriously??!! 
 Here Hudson is gearing up and "panting" like a puppy dog (hence the tongue!;) for some Halloween FUN on the UVa (University of Virginia) lawn! ;)

Hudson is showing off his "trick or treat" bag that Bee and Dee sent him...he LOVED it!!  (Thanks Bee and Dee!;)

I just loved the tail! ;)

Waiting in line...these are actual dorms on the's an honor/privilege to live in these and one of the many "special" things is partaking in the Halloween festivities! ;)

Mommy and her puppy dog! ;)

Hudson was literally obsessed with the adult-size chicken.. he must have stayed in this spot for at least 15-20mins waving and talking to the chicken from a was funny!

Hudson and his buddy, Jack (the one-eyed monster;)...waving to the adult-size COW (yes, Hudson LOVES animals;).
We really did have a fun and relaxing Halloween... Hudson enjoyed the lawn and honestly didn't want to leave.  We decided to stop for Mexican on the way home...which put us home a little late for the trick-or-treaters but we still passed out plenty of candy! Hudson loved getting to see more kids and cute costumes! ;) 

I do apologize for my delay in posting the Halloween has been a busy month and WEEK!!  My mom and my cousin (Ashley) from Maryland were both here this week/weekend...we had a great time and FUN visit!! ;) With all this FUN we've been having... 
I can't believe I only have 5 DAYS until my NYC trip with three of my besties!!! :) :)