Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm feeding myself...with a SPOON and FORK!!

Hudson has been feeding himself "finger foods" for several months...he's been attempting with the spoon/fork for awhile as well but is finally starting to "master" it...even though the pictures DON'T prove it! :) It's a mess but I know it's something I'm supposed to "let" him do... haha!! :) We just adore this little monkey! ;)

Our evening routine...

We love going to the neighborhood pool (just across the street) as often as possible... our neighborhood has TWO wonderful pools both NORTH and SOUTH (the one closest to us). The north has the slides, fountains, etc... Brad is anxiously waiting for the perfect day to take Hudson down the "big" water slide! Hudson loves the water/pool... I enjoy taking him during the day but it's always FUN when daddy can join us after work (in the evening)! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An afternoon "picnic"... aka chasing Hudson! :)

Several weeks ago (sorry for my delay in posting these pictures) the weather was PERFECT (70 degrees, sunny/blue sky)!! There are so many wonderful parks/playgrounds around the Charlottesville area... Brad and I took Hudson to play and "hopeful" to have a picnic. The playing was fun but the picnic was Brad and I "eating on the run"... literally! (ha,ha!) Our little toddler is as busy as a BEE...just glad we're young enough to keep up! haha!! ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hudson's baby dedication!!! (May 30, 2010)

Along with the excitement of the Birthday party... we also did Hudson's baby dedication at church that Sunday!! He was a real "hit" in the service... he did the "touchdown" motion with his arms up... everyone laughed and it helped entertain/distract him while we participated and prayed! :) It was very special and once again we're VERY thankful to friends/family for being there to support us! :)

More from Hudson's Birthday weekend!!!!

I just realized you can see a little of Hudson's b-day cake under my dad's arm in the 3rd picture... I just loved it!!! We also had yummy cupcakes... and surprisingly there was not much left!!! The weekend was AMAZING and I can't thank our friends/family enough for making it SO SPECIAL and memorable!!!! :)

Hudson's FIRST BiRtHdAy PaRtY!!!!! :)

Okay, so as much FUN, exciting, memorable, and entertaining as Hudson's FIRST b-day party was... there are a few things I'm sad about! Number one, I feel like I've been planning this party since Hudson was born (haha) and I'm sad to see it's over! Number two, I didn't get enough pictures of certain things... like Hudson's B-day CAKE... it was SO CUTE!!!! He didn't seem very interested in his "personal" size cake (he's not one for sweets) but the one I had for guests matched his table cloth, and paper products... it was a sailboat pulling the number one (that was the theme I was going for)!!! When I realized I didn't have a picture of it... I almost CRIED!!! So to make myself feel better... I described it to you!!! :) It was SUCH a CRAZY/BUSY day that I had other people taking pictures for me!!! But the day was PERFECT and we are so thankful to friends/family for making it so memorable for our SWEET little TODDLER!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hudson's birthday Continued....

Everything about Hudson's party was perfect... the friends and family made it a day to remember!!! :) My friend Jessamie surprised me... and brought her 5 week old baby, Georgia! And sadly... this was the ONLY picture we got together!!!!