Sunday, January 29, 2012

A day off...

This past Wednesday I took the day off from work... Hudson had been fighting a cough/drainage for a couple of days and even though he didn't have a fever I felt like his little body and immune system needed a day of REST!  It's always hard making those parental decisions when there's no fever and every other kid you see has the same cough...but I was 100% confident I made the right decision on this one and we had a great/layed back/relaxing day...resting?! ;)

I'm not sure if it's a part of Hudson's DNA or if it's something I've subconsiously trained him to do...but we both start our days with the need of an "agenda"...this is one reason I L-O-V-E my part-time job...seriously this job is something I prayed for 10 MONTHS about {more on that another time!;)}!!!  We do love our Saturday mornings being lazy but on a typical weekday...there is a plan {routine/agenda}.  On Wednesday.. Hudson was thrilled to be staying home with me {as he really was "under the weather"} but by 9am started asking for some crafts {"like I do with Miss Donna"...his Monday babysitter}.  So, what better craft than FINGER PAINT!!! ;) I actually love letting Hudson use paint...he also has a rice and bean bucket I bring out on a rainy day (or a day like Wednesday;)...yes, my child would rather paint and make up his own fun than play with a's just "him"?! ;)
Another fun thing...I took H with me to get my eye brows waxed...he's enjoyed telling people that mommy got her eye brows "jaxed"! ;)

Voila! A masterpiece! ;)
Today Hudson brought home a cross he made in Children's church/Sunday went like this..
 Hudson is a child of God.
I am 2 years old.
My favorite color is purple. (His friend, Jack said pink so I'm not worried!;)
My favorite food is cookies & pancakes.
I love seeing Hudson express himself! ;)
Speaking of church...our church is doing a week long FAST.  I totally believe in Matthew 6:18 about doing your fast in secret for only your Father to see and HE will reward you...but I do think I should let you know I've decided my fast will be from the internet/media!  That means no blogging, no (gasp!) Pinterest, no Officetally, no Facebook (which won't be that hard...or maybe it will be?!), etc.. I will still use email as I have to use it for work.  I'm thankful and excited for this many things to be in prayer for and I truly want refining and cleansing in so many areas of my life...SERIOUSLY!!!!
Before I sign-off... it's been a fun week to watch the voting poll but after much "activity" the poll is officially 50/50...that's RIGHT..
Boy: 50%
Girl: 50%
Come on people..bring your work friends, neighbors, family in to this voting...I'll look forward to seeing where the poll is next week!!! ;)
Until next Sunday...I'll miss you BLOG world...
Therefore, prepare you minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.  As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as HE who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do. ~ 1 Peter 1:13-15

Sunday, January 22, 2012

32 WEEKS!!!

Ohhh...the simple joys our little family is loving these days.  This pic was taken Friday night at Wild Wings Cafe on Main Street which is quickly becoming one my favorite family restaurants... I love their extended menu (wings, wraps, sandwiches, salads, spuds/loaded baked potatoes, soups, etc...).  It has high energy and a really fun atmosphere to watch any and all sporting events (aka- a great restaurant to take a child!;)!! 
We are excited about our little addition coming OH SO soon but we are also enjoying these easy, simple, FUN times with our 2 year 7"ish" month old son (he would prefer telling you..."I'll be THREE on May 26";)...Yes, he's learned his birthday and believe you me...he wants EVERYone to know it!!! ha,ha! ;) ;)  Anyhow, we often look around realizing we haven't had even the first "baby item" in almost 2 years...we go places with maybe a snack and water, we haven't used diapers/pull-ups in 7+ months (besides bedtime), H doesn't even use a highchair anymore (unless we eat with friends..we don't want him to be tempted to get up and down!;), we sit as a family and have great conversations as we have for a long time now...pretty crazy to think how our little lives and world will so quickly change... we are to 32 WEEKS!! Can you believe it?!? We only have 8 weeks to go...WOW!!!  We were trying desperately to take a cute/fun picture of Hudson holding up the "32 Weeks" sign... I was giving Brad a hard time about taking the pics, he was making me laugh, which made Hudson laugh...and this was the outcome! ;) We had a beautiful morning of snow...or a little "dusting" but it was still pretty! ;) We had to rush on to church so we tried again when we got home...

Better...right!?! ;)
We really are excited about adding to our's just alot to take in when we haven't really been in "baby mode" for quite some time but I'm sure everything {"baby"} will come back to me {us}..right?!?!
The latest poll...
Boy: 48%
Girl: 52%
This is a close race... we need more VOTERS!!! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

"A Cavalier..."

This is the University of Virginia Cavalier.  Funny story.. I had our sweet babysitter, Lindsay {a 4th year UVa student} babysit on Wednesday while I was at work... she text me that she and Hudson were playing and she asked him... "Hudson, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  Hudson immediately responded... "A Cavalier."  It gave us both a good laugh but I also thought it was quite clever of my 2 1/2 year old. ;) ;) Brad took Hudson to the UVa basketball game last weekend (UVa vs. Miami)..big game and very exciting! Hudson loved it to say the least...they actually stayed the entire time {it helps that it's such a "fast pace" sport!;)}!
We have really missed Brad this week.. he has been in Orlando for his annual Corporate meeting.  He left at 5am Monday morning and won't be home until 10pm tonight (Friday)'s been a surprisingly FAST week!? Sooo many reasons to PRAISE the Lord! ;)  It probably helped that my mom flew up on Wednesday evening {she comes up this same week every year while Brad is's so nice of she AND my dad!!;)}.  I can't even begin to number all the ways my mom helps me... she amazes me!!! :)
Thanks Mom {Bee}...I am so beyond thankful and blessed for all you do!!! I LOVE YOU!!! xoxo
FYI: As of today (Friday)...the voting poll is...
Boy: 42%
Girl: 58%
If you haven't voted on the gender...please do so! It's so much fun to see what y'all think we'll have!! THANKS for voting!!!!! :)
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart... ~Jeremiah 1:5

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maryland {Fussell} Family..

I think we've officially made it a Christmas tradition... my dad's brother (my Uncle Weyman) and his family come down from Maryland for a short Christmas visit... this year they came on Dec. 28th.  We always have a ton of fun...eating good food, doing some kind of fun gift exchange (each person brings one gift to exchange and we play some kind of game or "musical gifts" like we did this year!;), and we always do something fun around C'ville!  This year we went to Barboursville Winery for a little wine tasting...and to see some historic landmarks.

Here we are outside the winery... Brad stayed home with Hudson while he napped.  I love getting to see this side of my family...I always enjoy catching up w/ my cousins! ;)

I know this isn't a very good picture of me...this was taken during the holidays.  Hudson truly loves kissing my belly, talking and singing to the baby, giving my stomach "raspberries", etc... we hope his excitement continues after the baby! ;)
PLEASE notice the voting poll for Baby Brown #2 to the right of this post (on the side panel)... I hope you'll VOTE!!! We've decided to be surprised again (like we were with Hudson;).
A few things to help you VOTE...
Both pregnancies have been very similar.. the only thing(s) that are somewhat different are the foods I'm craving and I'm carrying this baby more out front and a little low (or at least what I think is low!;).
With Hudson I craved protein...anything protein.  Peanut butter, chicken, steak, seafood, chick-fil-a, even sushi (cooked;)... with this baby I crave sweets and carbohydrates!
Also, with Hudson I carried him more in my hips and "back-side"...I didn't even have a "baby bump" until around 6months... with this baby I feel like I'm carrying more out front and low (as I said before;).
However, this baby is EVERY bit as active as Hudson was in the womb...if not MORE {if it's even possible!?;)} I guess Brad and I just make them active! ;)  I drink nothing but water and this baby rarely stops moving...seriously!!
Okay, well go and VOTE!!! I look forward to seeing what people think we'll have!! ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A "glee-ful" Christmas

Enjoying the Glee karaoke Wii "game" on Christmas night... that I found in my stocking. ;) I think Hudson and Brad will enjoy it even MORE!! ;)

A very LaZy, layed-back, JOYful, Merry ChRiStMaS...

Yes, I know I'm about a week late on posting Christmas morning/day pictures...but better late than never..right?! ;) We had a very slow start on Christmas morning... little H-man slept in until 8:40am.  Brad and I woke up around 7am ready to see our little man's excitement...but instead enjoyed sitting with my parents sipping on cup(s) of coffee, chatting, and listening to Christmas music... I actually really cherish that sweet time I had with my mom and dad!! ;) ;)

As 8:30am approached we began making more noise just to get Hudson "stirring"... as you can see from the picture above he probably would've slept alot longer but we were so ready and anxious to start our Christmas DAY!! ;)
Hudson loved giving his new bike a "spin"... he was surprised to have such a "big boy" bike!! ;)

Lovin his keyboard... Hudson loves anything music!

Yes, you might notice the red and green M&M's on Hudson's breakfast plate... come on, it's CHRISTMAS!! ;) Hudson wakes up hungry and READY to eat (most mornings;)..and sleeping in so late made no exception... my delicious breakfast casserole and monkey bread/cinnamon rolls weren't quite I threw some pancakes and candy (H's Christmas morning request;) on his plate! ;)  He didn't want his bike out of his sight... ;)

The stockings were a big hit for everyone! Santa left us all some pretty cool things in our stockings!! ;) {I've always loved the excitement of seeing what "Santa" left in our stockings!;)}

Dee displaying the new Auburn t-shirts that Santa left in the stocking that Bee and Dee have for Hudson! ;)

H was excited to see that Santa ate most of his snack...and left him a sweet note! ;)

I have a gazillion more pictures but I decided to not upload all of them (you're welcome!;)... Uncle John (my brother) really stole the morning with this amazing GUITAR... H loves say the least! ;)

A new froggy book bag from mommy and daddy.. H will be lookin' good in pre-school! ;)

I think he could be a "natural"... ;)
It really was a super lazy, layed-back, joyful, MERRY Christmas day!  We had a ton of fun with a Glee concert DVD, a GLEE karaoke Wii game, a kid "just dance" Wii game and all the other fun stuff Santa and family gave us! :)  Along with all the fun I think baby Brown #2 and I could hibernate (and not eat) the rest of winter with all the delicious FOOD we consumed... all I can say is my next "weigh-in" at the doctor will not be so "pretty" out SCALE!! ;) 
Thank you Bee and Dee for spending Christmas with us... we had a blast and you made Christmas even more special! ;) Hope you had as much FUN as we did!! ;)

From our Family to YOURS... HAPPY NEW YEAR and many blessings in 2012!!! :)
**Can't believe this time next year we'll have a 9 month old baby!? WOW!!!**