Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go check it out...

Y'all go check out our latest family photo shoot that our amazing and extremely talented friends, (professional photographers) The Mondays took of us!

I am amazed at how well they captured our family...worth every.single.penny (and then some!;).


Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend FUN!

We had a fun-filled FALL weekend!  We started at Bee and Dee's on Friday... Hudson loves throwing rocks, climbing trees, going to the playground(s), exploring the great outdoors (etc..;) when we go to Bee and Dee's! ;)

(We made our jack-o-lantern last week;)

 Saturday my parents took Hudson apple-picking and to the petting zoo (they have all the good pics;).  Then, we met up at "Safety day"...

 We were watching the helicopter land.  We had perfect fall weather for all the "weekend fun"! ;)
We headed back home late-afternoon on Saturday...

And headed to Brad's family after church on Sunday to celebrate cousin, Mallory's 7th birthday!!

Hudson and Jackson

This is the fastest "backyard slide" I've ever seen... the kids were trying to slide off on to the ground as far as they could. ;)

 All four cousins.. plus cute little Brooks (far left).  He's Aunt Christy's best friends son...so sweet! ;)

 Singing "Happy Birthday" to Mallory!
HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY, Mallory!!!! ;)
We can't wait to take you to "Rock Ranch" in a couple of weekends! ;)

Sweet baby, MaryBradford was tuckered out from all the birthday fun. ;)

 Can you believe it?!  MaryBradford is 7 MONTHS??!! WHERE does the time go?!

 Her favorite thing now is clapping her hands...she's so proud of herself! ;)  Love our sweet baby girl! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoying the Fall...

This Saturday we went to "Rock Ranch".. Truett Cathy's (founder/owner of Chick-fil-a) land/ranch.  He had a vision of a place where families could spend the day together; the motto of the ranch.. "Growing Healthy Families".  :)

The Corn house was a favorite...

I definitely think we see some horse back riding lessons in this little boy's future... he was smiling ear to ear! ;)

The view from the train ride around the ranch.

Looking out the train. ;)

"Tiny Town" was another favorite.. stores, theatre, church, jail, courthouse, etc.. all tiny-size and perfect for the kids. ;)

The church was one of Hudson's favorite.. and the jail (keep scrolling;).

Watching the train go by.

Another favorite...feeding the goats. ;)

The jail in "Tiny Town"... I'll post a better picture where H is actually smiling and laughing.  I promise he loved it! ;)

Feeding more goats.

Hudson swinging.. as soon as we buy a house we want to put this kind of swing in our backyard. :)

I have a gazillion {I exaggerate} more pictures.. maybe I'll add some more soon!
It really was a gorgeous day at the Rock Ranch.  It was fun to people watch and see all the other families just taking in the beautiful day in the great outdoors! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Escape to the Mountains {part 2}

Love my sweet friend, Lina! ;)  She's due with #3 in December.

David and "Mr. Matt"

Because we're outside in the middle of no where (practically)..that's why it's fun to scream! ;)

Loving the hot tub... the kids loved jumping in and making big splashes.  I'm fairly certain it was a highlight of the weekend. ;)

Thanks Dad's for taking the plunge! ;)

Words can't describe. ;)

There's a lot of love here... 

and here! ;)

Thanks Bee and Dee for taking such great care of Mary Bradford!  I know she had a great time...

but we sure did miss our baby girl!! ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Escape to the MOUNTAINS!

This weekend we escaped to the North Carolina mountains.  I don't think there is a single word that can truly express how much we  loved this "mini" vacation. ;)

We met our sweet and dear friends from Charlottesville, the Hines (Matt, Lina, David and Gianna).

The kids were in their element..woods, rocks, water {river/creek}, tire swings, hammock, hot tub, etc.. what could be better!? ;)

Yes, this was our breakfast on Saturday morning.. Lina and I split up the meals.  I took care of dinner and Lina did breakfast.. banana nut pancakes and bacon..need I say more?!? ;)

Sweet little Gianna

 The boys spent most of Saturday playing in the creek.

We had a perfect setting... such a relaxing and fun-filled weekend! ;)

I've always told Brad I need mountains in my life.  There was a sign in our cabin that read.. "Being in the mountains means your closer to Heaven".. I could not agree more! ;)

Of course Brad had to swing from the vines...and we wonder why our little boy loves adventure?! ha! ;)

Loving the hammock..

and the tire swing. ;)

 Party by the bon-fire after the kids went to bed! ;)
More pictures coming.. and no worries, MaryBradford loved her time at Bee and Dee's. ;)
Stay tuned for more pictures...