Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's a Golden Birthday!!!

Today is Brad's "golden" birthday! :)  We had a great time celebrating with his family on Saturday!

Brad's mom got this delicious oreo ICE CREAM birthday cake... so delicious!  Singing Happy Birthday...

Hudson always loves playing with his cousins.

We always enjoy getting to spend some time with Mallory and Jackson! ;) Hudson adores them! ;)

We're having a fun day celebrating daddy's birthday... today was Mary Bradford's first day of MMO {Mother's Morning Out} at the same church/preschool Hudson attends. 
Yes, we had our first breakfast date since having MB!  And... I signed Brad up for his "intro" session to Crossfit (6 minute workout and he almost lost his breakfast!;)'s been a great start to his golden birthday!!! ;)
Oh yeah, and I have some awesome seats/tickets to this Sunday's Braves game (thanks to Bart/Alison)!!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brad!!!! xoxo

I love the sweet ladies that keep the babies in Mother's Morning Out...they were smitten with Mary Bradford {and the other babies, too;)}.  She loves watching other babies and kids... I guess we have her big brother to thank for that! ;)

I know it's crazy... but I see so much of my brother and me in them!  I'll have to find some pictures of John/Me as young children/babies... there is so much resemblance! ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Soothe regimen Before/After..REAL results!

Soothe Regimen for Sensitive, Irritated Skin and Facial Redness.

Before/After using Soothe Regimen

Soothe works miracles on eczema, even babies!   

I have several friends whose husbands are using the Soothe Regimen as their shaving cream. 
If you have sensitive, irritated skin, rosacea, eczema and/or facial redness..the Soothe Regimen is for YOU!!!
Email me if you're interested: 
 I know it may seem crazy for me to share this but I know through others experience this business has million dollar ($$$) potential. 
You make your own hours, work at your own pace, have the freedom/flexibility of owning your own business without paying the bills but reaping the rewards of hard work when the harvest comes.  I'm always looking for more team members! ;) Email me if you want the "biz" details! ;)
Stay tuned for more before/after pictures of the other Regimens... and remember I'm offering a GREAT special for the month of September! :)
As the doctors say.. "Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 months (as of August 21;)

A little late but our precious baby girl is 5 MONTHS! 
Loving her sweet potatoes! ;) 

 Mary Bradford is such a little bundle of love and pure joy! :)

I'm not sure if I already posted but she's definitely a little rolly-polly now... loves rolling but she still doesn't use it like her brother did.  He would roll all over the house to get to where he wanted... so much fun to see their similarities and differences at each age/milestone! ;)

We celebrated Brad's birthday with his family yesterday.  His actual birthday is not until this Wednesday (Aug. 29).  We had a great time visiting with his family and letting Hudson play with his cousins.  More pictures coming soon!
Also, our big 3 year old started Pre-school..but his first "official" day is tomorrow! 
Can't wait to post pictures! 
He seems to really enjoy his teachers... praying for as good of an experience as we had in Charlottesville!  Already missing First Presbyterian Church Preschool! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Reverse Regimen Before and AFTER (Real Results)

Reverse Regimen is one of the most popular Rodan&Fields products. The majority of us have some degree of sun damage and brown spots.  This regimen gives REAL results!

 If you have brown spots, dullness and sun damage...this regimen is for YOU!

I've received a lot of inquiry and interest from my original Rodan&Fields post so I thought I'd spend some time sharing each regimen.  Today is the Reverse regimen! ;) 
 I have friends that are now foundation-free thanks to this regimen/product!  Can you imagine? One less step in the morning?!
I have a special I'll be offering for the month of September so please stay tuned!!
If you'd like some advice on your type of skin and what regimen would work best for YOU... go to my website
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scroll to the picture with the doctors that says solution tool
Again, Thank you for your emails, inquiry and interest!
I really am loving "my job"! :)
Please don't hesitate to email me with questions about the products AND/or the business opportunity!
As Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields say... "Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well" ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great friends passing through...

We were ecstatic to see some of our favorite people from Charlottesville this past weekend!  The Mathews (James, Liz, Liam {3}, Luke{17months}) were passing through on their way to Florida for the week.  We were thrilled it worked out for them to stay a couple nights with us! ;)

The boys had a blast on the Four-wheeler!
Our {first} neighbors in C'ville gave us {yes, FREE} the four wheeler before they moved.  It'll be a ton of fun when we have some "land". ;)

Summer fun! ;)

Hudson loved being pulled in the trailer!

Brad and James took Hudson and Liam to their first Braves game!  Hudson loved it but I think he enjoyed the cotton candy the most! ;)

These were taken with Brad's iphone... a little blurry.  I was sad to miss Hudson's first Braves game but I'm excited he was able to share it with Liam {and James}. :)

Then, on Sunday Brad and James took Hudson and Liam to SIX FLAGS!  Unlike Liam, Hudson wasn't too crazy about all the rollar coasters.  He did a few small rides and then just stuck to the carousel (he was more in to the Braves!;). ;)

Liam rode more rides than I ever have!  He rode the Scream Machine and Mind Bender {this ride goes upside down...twice!} just to name a few.  Liam is definitely a little "adrenaline junkie"! ;) 

They had a great time!  And so did Liz and I!  We had some relaxing girl time as we stayed home with the babies. ;)  Loved our time with the Mathews! :)

I feel guilty Mary Bradford is not in one of these pictures!  And today she is 5 MONTHS! Pictures and more posts to come!
 Hudson will be starting 3 year old pre-school {3 days/week}'s the real deal {it's a church pre-school like he attended in C'ville}...daily folder, PE, computer, Art, Music.  I've honestly lost sleep over it wondering if I've made the right choice.  It's still just a morning pre-school but I'm not sure if there's enough "free play" for Hudson...who knows he's probably ready for the challenge! ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

My new business...

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, the doctors who created Proactiv (the teenage acne remover/killer;), have revolutionized the skincare industry! Women {and MEN} everywhere are raving about the incredible results received with these amazing products! 

Rodan+Fields has been recognized across the nation including the Today Show, Good Morning America, InStyle magazine, MarieClaire magazine, Vogue, Glamour, Allure, SELF and many more!

These products produce real results.
1. Anti-Age (we are all aging!)
2. Reverse (for sun damage and brown spots)
3. Sooth (redness, irritated skin)
4. Unblemish (teen and/or adult acne)
5. Enhancements (not pictured)
6. Essentials (not pictured)

Real results with Reverse regimen..notice the sun damage and brown spots in the first picture...

No make-up! {Except mascara}

Notice the brown spot(s) fading.

Anti-Age.. (this is a man, by the way!;)

This is using the multi-purpose eye cream {Anti-Age}.. a MUST have Rodan+Fields product! 

Anti-Age Lip enhancement.
I'll show more Before/After pictures soon! ;)

There are several reasons I "jumped on board" with Rodan+Fields but I'll keep you in suspense to check back often on my new adventure in this business...
One reason: I saw a "ground floor" opportunity.  Rodan+Fields only has about 9,000 active consultants selling products and building teams.  Other industries are saturated with millions of consultants.  Also, I love the background story of Rodan&Fields and who wouldn't trust these savvy doctors that created a 9+billion dollar industry when they created Proactiv.  Plus, there is no {zero} inventory {I have my own website} and no commitment to "parties"!  It's literally my very own business, I'm my own CEO. ;)
Not to mention, some of my friends in Mississippi are doubling their teacher's salary! :)
And... a friend of mine (in MS) received a FREE Lexus and a trip to Napa Valley. 
Sure, go ahead..sign me up! ;)

If you're interested in the products and/or possibly the business opportunity I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support and if you know others that might be interested {even mom's, dad's, in-laws, etc} send them my blog and pass along their info! ;)
Thanks Y'all!! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

A quick post... ;)

I know it looks like we haven't had a lot going on...but most of the pictures are on Brad's iphone and he's at work.  I'll post more later but along with making some baby food (sweet peas) my bbf came for a quick visit last week...hopefully you got to see the picture of Hudson and sweet Georgia on facebook. ;) I'm so thankful Jessamie and Georgia came for a much fun!! Plus, we got to sing Happy Birthday to Jess and eat some yummy cookie cake! ;)
{We also celebrated my niece, Cameron's FIRST birthday!} :)

Hudson attended a cute "Playball" camp last week...he had a great time and enjoyed talking about the rackets (tennis) and big net with the white ball they hit with their hands (volleyball)...but along with the sports he played the big topic of conversation was all the other kids had "light up shoes".  Hudson asked all week if he could get some light up shoes... honestly he needed some new "play" shoes so we went shopping on Friday.  I couldn't believe it...StrideRite had them for $60?! Seriously?? What a rip off!!!
So we went to Wal-Mart...$10! Made for a happy momma and boy! ;) 

AND... I've found this website with FREE printables for Pre-schoolers! You can even make your own workbooks and download multiple pages at a time.  These are two we've done recently.  Hudson isn't crazy about coloring {with crayons} but he loves the "do-a-dots".  Even if you work full-time I think these are great for a rainy afternoon. ;)
I try to use Mary Bradford's morning nap to do some activities and crafts with Hudson. :)

Yesterday {Sunday} Hudson and Brad spent all day at our friend, Sean's hunting land!  Brad has some great pictures I'll try and post soon... Hudson loved getting in the deer stand, playing with Remington {the dog}, throwing rocks in the water {one of Hudson's very favorite things to do!}, etc.. hopefully more pictures to come SOON! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The 2012 Olympics

I have loved this past week of the Olympics!
How can you not be crazy about this 16 year old talent...known as the "flying squirrel" that gives all the glory to God! ;)

Hello, Rebecca're not only perfect with every stroke but you beat your own World Record.  You. are. awesome. {and adorable} ;)

Missy Franklin, could you be any cuter for a 17 year old 4x gold medalist??  So much talent and humility..Brad and I are big fans! ;)

Loved watching these two compete! {Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps}  So much skill, talent and speed between these two.

I've literally found myself a wee bit obsessed with Michael Phelps this week.  I loved watching him in 2008 but knowing this is his last Olympics before he hangs up his speedo and goggles made me glued to every event.

He is literally one of the most fascinating athletes of all time.  His technique, his drive, his focus, his skill, his speed, his talent... he has forever changed the sport of swimming {he makes me wish I would have taken up swimming as a competitive sport}.
Too bad I was crazy in love with soccer. ;)

18 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze= 22 medals.  It's safe to say Michael Phelps is the best Olymic athlete of all time! 
This makes me realize something... I think I know what I want to be when I grow up! 
An Olymic Athlete!!!!!
Do you think it's too late??
I better start training for 2016! ;)