Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall (Harvest) Festival 2013

Well, if there's one thing I may be known for it's loving FALL! Especially here in Virginia...the colors are vibrant! Maybe the most beautiful I've ever seen them (trees/leaves).  I can only imagine it's due to all the rain we had this Summer.  Either way... I'll take it! ;)

Along with loving Fall and this time of year... I think friends are catching on to really enjoying our (hopefully;) ANNUAL Fall/Harvest Festival... complete with a potluck, Corn-hole, playground/space to run and play, and a piñata! Side note: we were supposed to have "bobbing for Apples" but did not have access to water for the bucket (maybe next year!:).

I don't think the remaining pictures need a description... I love that our sweet friend, Gianna is all decked out in her princess dress while hitting the piñata with all her strength! Cute stuff...

Our batman (Hudson) has a good swing... He loves piñatas! :)

They were all very determined!  I'll be providing some kind of piñata at every (outdoor) party...always a hit! No pun intended. ;)

Who doesn't love a leaf-pile?

More to come...
Happy Fall Y'all! :)

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